The Traveller’s Creed

November 24th, 2017

I was reading some travel writing recently, and I got inspired to do some writing of my own.

I wanted to capture the essence of what inspires the people I’ve travelled with over the years, and distill it into a set of principles for our community of travellers.

In the process of creating this creed, I ran it by my friends, mentors, and some of the fine people who have travelled with me. As a traveller and a new member of Wheel & Anchor, I think you’ll find yourself nodding along as you read.

Positano with its church near Naples in South Italy

Positano with its church near Naples in South Italy


1. I will approach each trip with the same excitement and anticipation as the first time I travelled; I will allow myself to get excited and stay excited

2. I will travel slowly and deliberately; I will fully immerse myself in and be present to the experience

3. I will look up at buildings and down at cobblestones, and be grateful for every breathtaking moment during my travels

4. I will try the local food and drink, so as to expand my palate and my appreciation of other cultures

5. I will look beyond the lens of my worldview, and will not expect that the places I visit conform to my values

Aerial view of the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Aerial view of the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island, Lake Bled, Slovenia

6. I will be gracious and generous with our foreign hosts, and remember that travel is a privilege

7. I will inform myself about where I’m going before I get there, including learning at least a few phrases of the local language

8. I will seek out both sunrises and sunsets, to soak in the energy and colours of the sun from another part of our planet

9. I will have patience and understand that not everything works as it does at home, remembering that I am a guest in another country

10. I will keep an open mind and a compassionate heart, celebrating the friendship and camaraderie of my fellow travellers

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  1. 100% Approve,
    Travel is a gift and a Learning Experience!


  2. The Travellers Creed is well said….I did not see respect a foreign land as you would your own!


  3. Check!! When visiting a country whose standards are different leave as small a footprint as possible. Do not litter.
    Be mindful of where you are. People of different cultures have varying expectations of their visitors . Follow the rules


  4. Wonderful to experience another way of life and learn from it and respect it. Maybe even share who we are as Canadians. An excellent creed to live by.


  5. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet


  6. Im off to Madagascar in February any hints about anything I should know or take in


  7. The Travellers Code is good, however I always hope that I leave a land that I have visited in the same state or better than I found it. Sometimes I take things that I know people there need and other times I just go, but I never want to feel that I have in any way compromised the people who live there or their land.


  8. I think “The Traveller’s Creed” is fantastic advice on the best way to approach travelling to get the most out of it for yourself but also for the people you are travelling with and the people you will meet along the way. Long ago I was a travel agent and I wish some of my customers would have had this creed to read prior to travelling. Perhaps people should sign it before travelling! HaHa! I like to think of “people” as being another “destination” because they also have a story to tell and points of views to discover. I try to take time to listen to my fellow travellers and the people I meet in destination for they always have something valueable to teach me.


  9. I am excited to be a member of your group… thank you.


  10. Well put, and I completely agree with this.


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