Webinar Replay: Italy: North to South

March 8th, 2019
Webinar Replay: Italy: North to South

Check out the replay from last week's member Q&A webinar about our upcoming tour of Italy: North to South:

Italy is our most requested destination in our community of travellers, and with good reason. Many have already been, some multiple times, but frankly speaking each region is deserving of its own separate long-stay as there is simply so much to appreciate.

With over 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 10 Michelin 3-star restaurants, some of the world's most famous wines, to say nothing of the stunning landscapes and coastlines, Italy is truly a treat for travellers.

You can find more information about our Italy: North to South program here, or if a more active program is more to your liking, perhaps check out our hiking tour around Lake Como.

And if you'd like to further indulge your curiosity about Italy's many attractions, here are some stories from our team of travel writers:

How Pisa’s Incredible Leaning Tower Survived Against All The Odds

Last Chance To See: Why Venice Is Unmissable – And Vanishing Fast

Art, architecture, culture, & cuisine: Reasons why Tuscany will captivate you

Mediterranean Liquid Gold: Why Extra Virgin Is So Much More Than “Good Olive Oil”

Choose your own adventure in Lombardy!

Italy’s Amalfi Coast: An enchanting experience that should be on your bucket list

The Siren Songs of Italy

Bellissimo lago di Como! 10 Must-visit villages around beautiful Lake Como, Italy

Ciao for now!

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