Thoughts about Japan so far + our Print Newsletter & ‘Letters to the Editor’!

May 25th, 2019
Thoughts about Japan so far + our Print Newsletter & ‘Letters to the Editor’!

Greetings from Japan!

It's been a fantastic trip so far with a great group, and definitely a program we'll run again next May. I made a short video below with a few of my thoughts about Japan overlooking one of the traditional thatched-roof villages that we've been visiting:

Things mentioned in the video:

Our 'Tastes of Eastern France webinar has been rescheduled to June 6 - you can register for that here.

And in our big news, we'll be launching our print newsletter in July! All of our members who have filled out our member questionnaire will get the first few editions delivered to their mailbox. If you haven't done the questionnaire yet, you can do the questionnaire here.


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