Postcards from Croatia & Companions for the Road Program!

June 15th, 2019

Greetings from Dubrovnik!

I'm here getting ready to board our vessel for our cruise up and down the Adriatic Coast, and I made a quick video with some thoughts about travel, a few notes about our 'Companions for the Road' program, and to let you know how you can get a postcard from me while I'm here!

Things mentioned in the video:

To get a postcard from me in Croatia, fill out our member questionnaire and drop me an email saying you'd like one!

To join our 'Companions for the Road' program to find a match with another solo traveller, please fill out the application form here.


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  1. Hello Gord,
    We would love to receive a postcard from Croatia. Enjoy your adventures The Balkans.
    John and Cynthia Bazowski


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