Hospitality in Austria + why I wrote a book about it!

October 19th, 2019

Greetings from Toronto!

I made a short video this week with some thoughts about Austria, in advance of the release of my new book about Austrian hospitality!

I went to school for hospitality and tourism in Austria many moons ago, and today Austria remains one of the best countries to visit for a truly top notch experience as a guest. Many of the managers and top executives of some of the world's best hotel chains are from Austria or have been educated there, which is a testament to the approach and passion for hospitality that you'll find in Austria.

I went there myself to dig a little deeper into the particular approach they bring to hospitality, to try to grasp the principles that underlie the experience that you have there as a guest. If you want to find out what I discovered, you'll have to wait for a copy of my book! I'll have more information about that in the coming weeks - it's currently at the printers as we speak.

It's finally done!

Also, in celebration of the completion of this passion project, I'm excited to bring a group from Wheel & Anchor there next April to experience the hospitality firsthand. If you're interested in joining us, you can get more information about the Austria: The Heart of Hospitality trip here.

Or, check out the replay from our recent Q&A webinar:

Webinar Replay: Austria: The Heart of Hospitality

As well, for the women of Wheel & Anchor, we have our Austrian Spa & Wellness program that we're pleased to be running again in 2020! See photos from last year's trip here, and get all the information for the 2020 program here.

Or, check out some of the stories from our travel writers about Austria:

Why Austria Went To War Over A Chocolate Cake


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  1. How do I get a copy of this book? My family and I are going back to Austria next summer. We lived there for 2 years while my husband worked for the UN – IAEA. There will be 5 adults and 2 kids on this trip. It is my mother’s final gift to us – part of my inheritance from her will pay for this.
    When were you there? As welcoming is not how I would describe our experience in some instances and in others very much so!


  2. Gordon Dreger

    Hi Betty ! Thanks for your note !!! The book is being printed now and should be released in mid November. Watch our site and newsletters for details.
    I used to live in Austria and travel there at least a couple of times a year.
    Stay tuned and thanks for the comment !


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