The View from a Volcano + What It’s Like in the Azores

November 16th, 2019

Greetings from Sao Miguel island in the Azores!

I stopped here for a few days to do a little reconnaissance for our March 2020 'Weekends' trip to the Azores after finishing my trip to London for World Travel Market.

I made a short video showing you some of the views and highlights of this beautiful archipelago sitting out here in the Atlantic Ocean:

I mentioned our 2021 member survey in the video but I was a bit premature...we're actually still working on the technical details of it! But we are anticipating sending it out shortly and I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on where we're going to go next.

By the time you've seen this I've already reached Havana for our Havana Weekend program, so next week I'll have some photos, videos, and stories from there.


P.S. For those curious for more about the Azores, here's more from Wheel & Anchor:

The Incredible Hidden Depths Of The Azores, Birthplace Of The West

Webinar Replay: Wheel & Anchor Weekends: The Azores


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