The importance of fresh air + upcoming webinars!

April 18th, 2020

Greetings from Thailand!

I took the opportunity today to take a little trip outside where there are no other people (we've gotta stay the course!) after spending most of the past week at home, and I was reminded of the restorative power of fresh air and the outdoors.

I know some of you are more cooped up than others, and maybe a bit afraid to go outside. In most cases, however, going for walks while maintaining appropriate distances is recommended by the authorities as it is so critical to our mental health. This is even more true when the news is so full of scary takes and gloomy outlooks.

Nature has a restorative energy and just a few hours a week in nature is known to have significantly positive effects on our health, mental and physical. I hope the weather will cooperate and offer you an opportunity to breathe some fresh air soon!

Other things mentioned in the video:

We've got a webinar coming up about a proposed trip to Havana in November. I feel like a broken record but it's important to reiterate we won't go if the situation is in any way unsafe, but for now we can dream!

We also have our second virtual coffee connection coming up, which is a chance to chat with fellow members from all over the country and share some smiles in this difficult time. You can find the link for that in your email newsletter.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep a positive outlook...the end is coming!


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