Webinar Replay: The Future Travel Forum 2022 Part 1

August 28th, 2020

Check out the replay from our recent deep dive webinar into the future of travel and some new programs we're thinking about for 2022 and beyond:

Part 2 will be about Southern Europe on September 10 - check your newsletter for the sign up link!

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    • I just watched your webinar on your proposed 5X5 trips (part one) and was very intrigued by the idea of staying in fewer places and perhaps travelling with an even smaller group of people.Certainly with the added precautions necessary for Covid, we are all relooking at how we wish to travel. The concern remains, however, if your trip was to visit very popular places, we could still be surrounded by hordes of tourists travelling with other tour companies. For this reason, I would be most interested in learning more details about the Germany and Benelux tour. It appears to me that this trip involves smaller towns and less visited areas. My second choice would be Scandinavia and the Baltic’s even though there would be more repeats for us.

      I look forward to viewing part two of this series which I have also missed. You will be looking at other places in the. South of Europe which are also of considerable interest to us.


    • Hi there ! I am so glad you enjoyed the webinar. Indeed we are mindful of the places that we plan to go and, let’s face it, the most popular spots to visit will ultimately fill up with people again. It will be near impossible to avoid large groups of tourists all the time, but the idea is to be fluid about how and where we go, trying to avoid peak times and focusing more on the less visited, but equally interesting places and experiences. In those times when we cannot avoid being around lots of other people, we will be enforcing the appropriate measures like mask wearing, social distancing and good hygiene practices. Thanks again for the feedback Bob and Nancy !


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