Cancelling another trip to Europe & how we all feel

September 26th, 2020

Greetings from Thailand!

Well, I had been holding out hope for some months now that I would be able to return to Europe next week to do some reconnaissance and planning for several Wheel & Anchor programs we have in the works. Alas, my relentless optimism was not to be rewarded this time, and I sadly (and I think wisely) have postponed my plans again.

Accepting the facts was preceded by a brief but intense period of dejection, and as I was processing the feelings of it all, I thought back to a number of conversations I've had with our community and other traveller friends in the past year.

It is not lost on me that many of us have spent most of our lives in a delayed gratification sort of paradigm, where we've been working hard to save money specifically to travel the world in the later phases of our lives. The longer this drags on, the more intense the frustration grows - plans and dreams that have been brewing for years, or even decades, do not disappear quietly into the night.

As tough a pill as it is to swallow, there's something to be said for the energetic and life-giving power of a goal - just as those travel dreams got us through the most boring and occasionally soul-sucking working times, I think it's important to find another goal to latch onto to get through this challenge.

While the short term outlook isn't great, I'm much more positive about the long term, and choosing to remain optimistically undecided about the medium term. I get the sense from many of you who have joined us on our Future Travel Forum series of webinars that you're in a similar place, which is a great reminder that we're all in this together, and we can still share memories, laugh, and dream about the fun times that will eventually arrive again.

As your fellow grounded traveller, I empathize with any frustration and angst you're feeling, and I hope I can inspire you to hope and dream a bit while we all patiently wait for some good news.

Our Future Travel Forum 2022 series continues Oct 8, where we'll be looking at Central & Eastern Europe, which generally speaking constitute the 'road less-travelled' when it comes to Europe, but it's a region that offers some fantastic experiences. Join us for the chat and banter - you'll find the link in your newsletter.

Lastly, on the subject of things to look forward to, we'll soon be releasing our much-anticipated next program to Egypt, as well as Israel & Jordan. Our trip there in January of this year was massively enjoyed by all who went, and I'm delighted to finally be able to release it again, with some minor alterations. Join us for the program launch webinar which you can find in your newsletter as well.

Stay safe, stay positive, and do reach out for a chat should you feel so inclined - I always love to hear from you.


To watch Parts I, II, and III of our Future Travel Forum 2022 series, click here

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    • AMEN, Gordon! I love, respect and concur with your authenticity in your feelings and comments expressed both in your webinars and weekly updates. That is why, although I haven’t travelled with W &A yet, I remain loyal to you and your company and often share these feelings with friends. Meeting you personally last year here in Kelowna, and speaking personally with both you and Paula via telephone, has further confirmed my trust in your personal and company values. Thanks so much. Dianne from Kelowna B.C.


    • Thanks for your generous remarks Dianne ! I hope to travel together in the not too distant future !


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