A Humble Request for Your Assistance

December 12th, 2020
A Humble Request for Your Assistance

Greetings from Thailand!

It's time again for our annual Trip Inspiration Survey, and I'd like to make a humble request for your assistance, as it's especially important this year.

Now, I know I ask for your input often, and if you're thinking 'Gee Gordon, another survey?'...please accept my apologies. But hear me out. As you can probably imagine, this year has been extraordinarily challenging for everyone in the travel industry, and that most certainly includes us.

It has felt at times like a form of insanity - organize a trip, cancel, reorganize, in some cases re-cancel...but that's par for the course in these unprecedented times. I'm a firm believer in maintaining an optimistic mindset in the face of adversity, and I think it's extra important to have things to look forward to when the going gets tough, so we're going to keep putting out ideas and plans for when the time is right.

Coming out the other side requires a number of things that are completely beyond our control, so we are staying positive and focusing on the things we can. The most important thing for us on this score is to put out trips that are fully aligned with the travel desires of our community.

All of this is to say, I'd really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to rate the trip ideas presented in our survey in your newsletter. It covers six categories of different types of trips, and with a simpler rating system this year than last year it shouldn't take more than ten minutes. We'll also be doing a draw for ten $50 Canadian Tire gift certificates for your trouble, and I would be most grateful for your assistance.

Beyond that, I'd also like to say thanks for your participation in this community - Wheel & Anchor is a vision and a dream I care deeply about, and I can't wait to share more of the joys of travel with you in the future.


P.S. We're taking a short break from our regular webinar schedule over the holidays, but will be back with Part IV of our Incredible Rail Journeys series on January 7 - you can find the link in your newsletter should you be inclined to join us 🙂

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