Webinar Replay: Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Koh Samui

February 4th, 2021
Webinar Replay: Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Koh Samui

Check out the replay from our recent Q&A webinar for our first LiveAways program to the island of Koh Samui in the sunny south of Thailand:

For more webinar replays, click here

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  1. a lot of the excursions with food are sea food. is anything else going to be available? am allergic to sea food.


  2. Hi Sue ! Thanks for our comment and you hopefully received my email in reply. In short, we can accommodate pretty much any food preference or dietary restriction as long as we know in advance of the trip. There are terrific location vegetables as well as all the usual meat dishes available and so it is no problem whatsoever !


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