What to make of the recent bad news about the pandemic

April 3rd, 2021

Greetings from Thailand!

I've been keep abreast of the situation in Canada as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the globe, and needless to say its disheartening to see many of my friends and family entering yet another lockdown situation back at home.

I can only empathize with all of you who have been patient and cooperative throughout this ordeal and yet have to go back into hibernation mode, especially this far into this whole situation...it's truly frustrating, scary, and incredibly challenging to say the least.

Although words may not seem like much help at this point, I'd like to direct our collective attention toward how far we've come and the good news out there that we can focus on.

If you look at the charts from the late spring and summer last year, the transmission of the virus radically declined in the late spring and through the summer, most likely due to a combination of sunlight, warm weather, and people spending more time outside and in well-ventilated places.

We are on the proverbial doorstep of this period once again, and this time we have vaccines...I think we stand to perhaps the most significant progress yet toward eradicating it, beginning in just a few short weeks.

As far as the vaccines are concerned, the progress made in the UK, the US, Israel and other countries suggests that it is indeed effective at reducing transmission and serious illness, and significantly so. Although there's been some hiccups rolling it out thus far at home, I also think we are on the verge of logistically getting our ducks in order and thus there is good news to come on this front as well.

Lastly, the coming spring weather will hopefully make this stay-at-home period more tolerable for those who are stuck there...perhaps you can listen for the birds, the peepers and the other signs of spring, and find hope that, just like the spring, new life and energy is on the way...sometimes it's just a little bit more delayed than we desire.

I would encourage you to keep your attention to the future we want to create and I believe good things will come, and think about the progress we've made rather than the gap between the present and the desired future to keep your mindset in a positive place.

I know my words are perhaps not much in the way of comfort, but know you're all in my thoughts and here's hoping things get resolved quickly and efficiently.


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