Will You Need a Vaccine to Be Allowed to Travel?

June 12th, 2021
Will You Need a Vaccine to Be Allowed to Travel?

Greetings from Thailand!

Despite getting off to a rocky start with vaccinations, Canada has rocketed to near the top of the rankings of countries who have doled out the first dose of the vaccines, with over 63% of Canadians having received their first dose.

In my mind, this is a massive achievement, both in terms of logistical execution and Canadians understanding the collective mission in front of to get the situation under control and taking the necessary action. One of the results of this effort is an easing of quarantine restrictions for fully vaccinated Canadian travellers - one more big step on the way to getting back travel!

Restrictions and changing rules have become the norm, and for travellers it seems a moving target to understand what we can and can't do and where we can and can't go.

One of the pressing questions of the day that many are wondering is just how much freedom vaccines will really give us as far as travelling is concerned. Where can we go with one? And would you be allowed to travel without one? I made a short video this week to explore these questions, and what they mean for a travel community like ours.

I think there are more reasons to remain optimistic than ever about travel and normalcy returning to our lives in the not-so-distant future, and many things to look forward to as a result! We resume our webinars next week with the launch of our Germany & the Benelux 5x5 program, followed not long after by our Tuscany LiveAway, both of which I'm keen to share with you.

Stay safe, stay positive, and stay in touch - there are adventures coming our way.


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