An Important Update About Trip Deposits

August 28th, 2021
An Important Update About Trip Deposits

Greetings from Thailand!

My most important message this week is to announce that we have pushed the non-refundable deposit date for all tours to November 30, 2021. We had enough administrative work on this front dealing with cancelled or postponed trips in 2020, and I can assure you we want to avoid more of that even more than you do.

Securing space on trips will be a challenge in the early days of travel's recovery, and thus deposits are not going anywhere in spite of the added uncertainty of the times. We are doing our best to look out for the interests of our community, and will continue to keep you posted as things develop. More on this in my video below.

In other news, we did our two Trip Inspiration 2023 webinars (you can see part I here and part II here) in the past two weeks, and thanks to all who have filled out the questionnaire so far. It's so, so critical for us to have your feedback as we navigate the stormy waters toward travel again, and I very much appreciate you taking the time to consider some trip ideas.

Lastly, I'm pleased to release Part I of our 4-part France Kaleidoscope program this week, Normandy & the Landing Beaches. We'll stay in the charming town of Bayeux and take in the important historical and cultural aspects of the Normandy region, including its marvellous cheese.

Coming up we'll be releasing Part IV of our France program, to Provence and the Cote d'Azur, as well as our Yachting in Tahiti program...stay tuned 🙂


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