Why we’re postponing Samui

August 14th, 2021
Why we’re postponing Samui

Greetings from Thailand!

I have the unfortunate news to share that we will likely postpone our Samui LiveAway program for January.

The spread of the Delta variant in Thailand has dramatically increased, with each successive day tallying a new high in daily cases. And although the vast majority of the cases are in Bangkok, this thing spreads like wildfire and there is already a considerable situation to be resolved before the country can realistically move forward.

It's massively disappointing to consider postponing yet another trip, particularly one so close to my heart. There is a small chance the situation improves, and being on the ground here I will certainly be among the first to know. But with deadlines coming up to commit deposits to our partners in Thailand, it strikes me as unwise to bind ourselves to anything with such uncertainty about the situation.

It's a bummer, but I maintain a stout refusal to dwell in it. Many things are just so completely out of our control at the moment, and it does no good to rage into the abyss.

In the grand scheme of things, it only furthers my resolve to travel...I think of it as an intention, not a goal, and thus is fully a matter of 'when' and not 'if'. I suspect many in this community share a similar intention, and that's why we've found ourselves connected together.

We intend to travel, when the opportunity to do so safely presents itself.

For the moment, January 2022 in Samui doesn't look like the right opportunity...stay tuned for more updates.

As it would happen, February 2023 might be the the opportunity to visit Samui, as it would offer you the chance to follow it up with a March LiveAway in Bali, and perhaps even onto New Zealand LiveAway in April, for the extra keen.

I'll be sharing some more info on those trips and more as we launch our Trip Inspiration webinar & survey next week. The longer travel takes to return, the more intense the demand is going to be, so it's in the best interests of the community to know where we want to go well in advance. I'll be presenting Bali & NZ on Thursday, along with a few other selections from the survey.

Lastly, I've received many supportive and positive messages from the community for myself and the team, and I want to say thank you so much for keeping our spirits high 🙂 It's been a challenging period to say the least, but I feel more connected to our mission and the community than ever, and I'm grateful for that.

Ever onwards! There's more to come.


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