September is here…time to move?

September 4th, 2021

Greetings from Thailand!

September is upon us, signalling a coming change in seasons and all that comes with that - shorter days, cooler weather, and the return to many routines that were paused through the summer months.

In a normal year, September tends to be a popular month for travel for Canadians, largely because it's simply more comfortable without the heat of summer and before the chill of winter sets in. Beyond the temperature change, I think the changing phase of the seasons also sparks a sense of movement in us, a synchronicity with the movement of the planet as we orbit the sun.

But while the seasons will certainly change this year, there's still not a lot of travel going on, or at least not internationally. We've got a few hurdles to cross yet on that front, and more time needed to do so.

I do however think there is value in staying in sync with the seasons; and, since winter is a hunker-down time, I think a bit of movement this month is warranted. Perhaps that's to check out a nearby winery or restaurant you haven't visited, a hiking trail yet to be discovered, or to see some friends for a barbecue and a few laughs.

The only constant is change, and it's not something to resist; it applies both to the things we desire and the things we want to avoid. At some point the travel situation will change for the better, as surely as the seasons pass. The antidote to any anxiety about change is to remain fully in the present, and find the joys that are there...and they are always around us.

A few quick notes on new things - we've just released our October LiveAway to Tuscany, which is similar to our spring program, with the exception that this one begins in Cortona and ends in Florence.

In the week ahead we'll be presenting the final leg of our France Kaleidoscope trip, which will bring us to Provence and the fabulous Cote d'Azur to discover why these regions are so popular for European travellers. Do join us for the webinar using the link in your newsletter if you are available.


P.S. Thank you very much for your feedback and ideas in our 2023 Trip Inspiration questionnaire...I'm still going through all the responses, but will share the results with the community in the weeks ahead 🙂

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  1. Hi Jo! Joel has just sent you an email with the Canal du Midi itinerary – please check your inbox 🙂


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