Why Tuscany? Thoughts one of Italy’s most iconic regions

May 19th, 2022
Why Tuscany? Thoughts one of Italy’s most iconic regions

Tuscany has cultural, artistic and historical opulence in a region which defines taste like no other.

Tuscany is among Italy’s most stunning, and captivating places to visit; from art to wine to architecture. The undeniable birthplace and home to the Renaissance, Tuscany is the kind of place that is teases the imagination with dreams of life in your own Tuscan villa.

You have the backdrop of the rolling hills outside Montepulciano, eating some of the most celebrated food in the world with your glass of chianti. You even have Florence on your doorstep for when the family pops over to see some of the most exceptional art collections that exist.



Tuscany is one of those places in the world where you arrive and immediately are struck by the elegance in the way in which Tuscan life is lived. Whether your afternoon stroll takes you to an ancient hilltop castello community, or wandering the groves and vineyards of rural estates or even among the bustle of an architectural marvel like Firenze (Florence); there is a resounding delight that meets the mind with every awe-inducing turn one takes. Getting lost here is like a dream, a blessing, where you never know what awaits, but can rest assured that whatever does await is worth finding.

It would be impossible to write about Tuscany without a mention of its exquisite food. Being Italy, the creators of (probably) the world’s most widely reaching cuisine, of course there is every pizza and pasta dish you could imagine. What is not so well known is that it  is also the home of fiorentina steak, a cut of sirloin prepared in such a way and so celebrated by the Tuscan people that it even once had a satirical political party in its honour promising steak for all! 

The brilliantly aged steaks hang proudly like works of art in restaurant windows to lure you in, awaiting your selection before you have taken your seat! Lastly, a special mention must be given to the gelato. Tuscany’s creativity even extends into their gelato which offer flavour adventures such as creamed pistachio salted almond ricotta or dark chocolate tiramisu. I feel like I spent longer deciding on my flavour combinations than I did eating them!

Italian Gelato

Italian Gelato

Another aspect of Tuscany I found to be wonderful and certainly unique was an almost overwhelming feeling of a social responsibility towards presentation. Everywhere you look you are met with people dressed to match the stunning environment. However, the most remarkable element of all, was that it felt entirely natural, not forced in any way; just an across the board agreement that all will present as wonderfully as their surroundings. 

This is not to say that everyone dressed the same or was clad in designer attire from head to toe, but everyone was committed to representing their chosen style with a particular level of decorum which was respected and maintained almost universally, adding another artistic layer to this hub of artistic expression. 

Florence, Tuscany

Florence, Tuscany

My conclusion is that it is precisely the picture perfect landscapes, the clouds that beg one to take up painting, the decadence of the buildings, the lively modern and classical art scene that encourages this commitment that everyone has made together, and Tuscany’s environment is all the more beautiful for it.

Tuscany captured me like no place I have ever previously been. My desire to return is so great that I cannot wait for October when I’ll be back there once more, seeking more of the marvellous secrets that this truly divine region has to offer.

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