Next Trips in the Pipeline & a $1,000 Winner

July 23rd, 2022
Next Trips in the Pipeline & a $1,000 Winner

Greetings from Toronto!

It's lovely to be back on Canadian soil, particularly in the summer! I've been appreciating the pockets of Toronto that have created a more European vibe with closed streets and expanded patios, and it seems a lot of other people are as well.

If this trend continues, you could almost imagine that one day we might even be able to share a bottle of wine in the park...

I'm taking the next few weeks off from travelling with members to rest a bit and put together the next wave of upcoming trips. Next in the pipeline is next year's Tuscany LiveAway, an adventure through the Caucasus mountains in Georgia and Armenia, and a trip through northern India that includes some spectacular palace stays.

We have a few more 2023 programs, and then it's right on to 2024. With all the travel I haven't had time to properly sit down with all the responses from our Trip Inspiration questionnaires, but I intend to do so in the next few weeks and weave together the master plan for 2024.

Speaking of the Trip Inspiration Questionnaire, thanks so much for all the feedback - I appreciate it particularly as we are so overburdened with forms to fill in these days. Now that we've wrapped it up, I've also announced the winner of the $1,000 travel credit in my video below. Maybe it was you...?

There's lots more to come but I'll sign off for now...the sunshine calls. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend 🙂


P.S. Here's the links to the webinars for the trips I mentioned:

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