3 Predictions About the Return of Travel

Greetings from Thailand!

They say that hope is not a strategy and while that may be true, it has been a critical part of making it through this past year of chaos and fear. Hope we’ll get through this, hope that we can manage things more effectively, and hope that eventually things will return to ‘normal’, though we don’t quite know what that will be yet. And of course, for all the travellers out there and among us here, the hope that we can go adventuring again.

As I’ve said in this newsletter a few times over the past year, the return of travel is a combination of vaccine success at home, the safety situation in a destination we want to go to, availability of flights, and traveller confidence that our new systems and institutions can keep everyone safe and moving.

‘Moving targets’ probably best sums those up as a group, but at least from my end I can tell you that, judging by the number of emails and questions I get in my inbox each week, the interest and confidence of travellers is definitely on the rise! It’s perhaps the leading indicator of the bunch, and a good sign of what’s to come.

The most pressing question – when can we get back to travel again? – is the one I truly can’t answer with certainty, but I do have a few predictions about what’s to come that I’ve shared in this week’s video, including what lockdowns will look like when travel returns, how travel advisories might change, and more.

Just a few quick notes about things upcoming – we don’t have a webinar in the week ahead as we’re just adding the finishing touches to our Germany & the Benelux ‘5×5’ and our Tuscany LiveAway programs, which are next in the release pipeline. You can find links to the webinars for those in your newsletter if you’d like to know more.

We’ve also just released the full itinerary for our Peru: Land of the Incas trip, happening in June 2022 – you can check that out in your newsletter as well.

Lastly, I always love to hear from the community, so please drop me a line with any questions or comments, or your perhaps your predictions for what’s ahead 🙂 I hope the first drops of summer are finding their way to your doorstep – it’s time for some sunshine and hopefully some good news in the weeks to come.


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