A Brief Explanation of LiveAways

Greetings from Thailand!

It’s been a wonderful five weeks here – lots of friends dropping by, great food, all kinds of pieces moved ahead for future Wheel & Anchor trips, and a lot of preparation for our Samui LiveAway in January.

But, all good trips must eventually come to an end so that new ones can begin… and so next week I’ll be coming to you from France as we kick off our France Kaleidoscope program.

Last week I answered a few of the more common questions from our new members, but I skipped quite a number about LiveAways given we made up the word and they require a bit more explanation.

So, in brief…we’re Canadian and thus we have to deal with the winter situation on an annual basis. I propose rather than living at home for some or all of it, we instead live away, somewhere both warm and interesting. Somewhere different from the usual sun destinations in the States or Caribbean.

A LiveAway is a four week stay, usually broken into two segments in a selection of destinations curated with exactly that criteria. Rather than bounce between hotels, we base ourselves strategically and explore the nearby region via full and half day trips from our spot.

We’ve structured them so that the pace is really up to you – the excursions run almost every day if you want lots to do, or you can pick and choose fewer and explore on your own as much as you like.

For those who like it hot, Samui and Bali are our tropical LiveAways, where we’ll adopt an island pace of life while exploring the culture and wellness traditions of Thailand and Bali.

Or if warm but not hot is more your thing, or you’d like to go somewhere with phenomenal walking and hiking, somewhere like Madeira, Sicily, or Amalfi may appeal to you.

The primary goal apart from leaving the snow in Canada is to slow down and stretch out your travel experience, with just the right amount of activity and relaxation, of doing things with the group and exploring on your own.

Lastly, we’ve set them up so that you can combine two week segments for a number of them, rather than a month in one place. So two weeks in Madeira + two weeks in Malta, or two weeks in Malta + two weeks in Sicily…etc etc. You get the idea…a cross between choose your own adventure and paint by numbers. Here’s a video we put together that might help tie it all together:

So, that’s LiveAways. Of course, not all of our trips are as long as our LiveAways – this week I’m pleased to release a short but very sweet program to the Azores at the end of April 2023.

Our Wheel & Anchor group hosted by Todd this past May had a lovely time in the Azores, and he joined us for the webinar (replay here) to share the highlights and what you can expect should you decide to join us next April.

Next up to be released is another of Portugal’s many temptations, our trip to the Algarve in 2023, happening right after our Porto & the Douro Valley trip. After that will be an adventure around and through Iceland, happening in July 2023. Registration links for both webinars can be found in your newsletter should your interest be piqued.

I’ve also juuuust about finished the full 2024 planning calendar, so there is a lot more to come in the weeks and months ahead. I hope you’re enjoying the many gifts of September…jusqu’à la semaine prochaine, à bientôt 🙂


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