A Feedback Request For Oz

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!

I’m still here Down Under, moseying around and gathering ingredients for a 2025 Australia program. It’s been some years since I last visited and I’m quite enjoying myself, as I suspect summer in November will do to most Canadians.

I’ve got many ideas percolating at the moment, and I’d like to add to them with a feedback request from the community this week, for your thoughts on Australia and what you’d expect and like to see in a trip here.

One of the founding reasons for W&A was my view that traditional sight-seeing group travel has grown stale and that the ‘industry standard’ sight-seeing trip is not optimally structured for either seeing the sights or for the ideal experience for the traveller.

As such, we put a lot of effort into doing destinations differently, sometimes slightly and sometimes to a much larger extent. It’s very much a Goldilocks and the Three Bears sort of thing…looking for and ultimately building the ‘just right’ balance of the best of everything a region or country has to offer.

The Goldilocks Zone of both different and better is easier to hit in some places than others, and Australia is actually one of of the more difficult ones. I occasionally get very different ideas for seeing a place, but different by itself isn’t necessarily better and thus I very much value your input on what is important to you in Oz.

It is in many ways strikingly similar to home, but also full of all kinds of fascinating idiosyncrasies and features that have long captured the imagination of many a Canadian traveller.

It’s big enough that seeing everything of sight-seeing note in one trip is basically impossible in less than a month; the space between things is just too great to cover comfortably in less time. And, because it is a place of much empty space, there are also fairly limited options for traversing it.

So for our purposes, putting together a program here necessitates the selection of some spots over others, and this is what I’d like your input on. Which places / experiences / things capture your imagination / interest the most about Australia?

If you have any input or thoughts to share, please just reply to this email – as always I greatly appreciate the feedback.

Briefly, in new trips – I’m pleased to release a remix of our popular Croatia program, where we’ve switched up the route, added some fantastic gastronomic elements, and made a few other iterations that continue our kaizen philosophy with all of our trips. Do take a look below should you be interested.

Lots more to come in the weeks ahead, including a new webinar for Andalusian Dreams, a much-requested program to Spain. This one took a little while to piece together but I’m very pleased with the whole created by the parts, and quite looking forward to presenting it to you on December 14 – registration link is below for those interested.

That’s all from down here for this week – be well & do stay tuned for more adventures coming down the pipeline.


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