A Once-in-a-Generation Experience in Cyprus

Greetings from Paphos, Cyprus!

We’re officially into the second half of our Cyprus LiveAway, and our shift over to the west coast has coincided with the (much appreciated) return of the sunshine.

I was going to say that it has been unseasonably chilly for much of the first leg of our trip, but that’s actually an understatement.

In fact it has been ‘once-in-a-generation’ kind of cold for Cyprus, with temperatures not seen in more than 40 years, and lots of snow(!) in the mountains.

Certainly not what we expected, but we Canadians are no strangers to cooler temperatures – it is perhaps more of a shock to the local Cypriots, many of whom have never experienced a winter this cold in their entire lives.

As it happens, it’s not just here – this cold snap has hit most of the Mediterranean, including all the way down to Cairo and even up to Greece and Italy, according to reports from a number of friends and colleagues in the region.

Of course these things can happen when travelling, and it’s been a delight to travel with a group that can manufacture their own sunshine. We made it through the tough part, and it looks like the rest of the trip will be back to sunny and seasonable.

Inconvenient weather aside, Cyprus has been fascinating, with abundant history to explore and some excellent food and wine. We will continue to explore the west side of the island…more to come next week.

A quick note on trips – this past week we did our ‘Last Call for 2022 Programs’ webinar (replay here), as we are rapidly approaching the final dates for a number of our trips planned for this year.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip this year and might want to join us, I’ve put links in your newsletter to all the trips that have spots remaining.

As for 2023, we’ve got a number of new trips in the pipeline including our New Zealand LiveAway and another LiveAway on the south coast of Sicily…stay tuned for more on these soon.

I’ll try and send some of the sun from here your way – although Spring has officially arrived on the calendar, I’ve seen a lot of snow photos popping up from friends back home.

It too will end and the sun will come out again, and with it all the wonderful notes of Spring. Until it does, be a light for someone in your life, and see how far the brightness can spread.


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