A Request for You to Take the Wheel

Greetings from Ivalo, Finland!

I’m nearly finished in northern Europe and about to return to Sicily to sort out the final details for part II of our Sicily LiveAway, happening in Cefalu, then heading over to the Amalfi Coast to finalize details for our 2-week LiveAway segment there (we’ve just put up the webinar registration for this program – you can find the link in your newsletter).

I’ve specifically fit in this trip Italy following member feedback from our recent poll on Italy, as both Sicily and Amalfi received among the most votes for future LiveAways from the community, and I think both programs are going to be a lot of fun.

And speaking of feedback, we’re coming up very quickly on the midpoint of 2022 (!), and that means it’s nearly time for us to do another round of our Trip Inspiration questionnaire, which will primarily focus on our 2024 roster of trips.

In the past we’ve done that as one rather long questionnaire, but we thought we’d try and change it a bit for this one, to be able to give you more details regarding our proposed ideas, and to get more granular feedback from you so we can make the best trips possible.

So this time around, starting in the next few weeks, we’ll feature one shorter survey each week in our newsletter, each focusing on a different category of potential trips. We’ll also do some followup webinars once we have collected some of the feedback so you can get a clear idea of what the community is thinking about for 2024.

You’ve probably heard me say it a million times, but indulge me again for our newer members – your participation and feedback is very important to me, as we do all of our trip planning based on input we get from the community.

It’s a huge part of our vision for Wheel & Anchor – we’re here to connect travellers and set up incredible adventures to enjoy together…and this is the part where we need you to take the wheel 😉

Lastly, we’ll still do a prize draw for everyone who participates, so do keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we kick off our questionnaire series.

Other things coming up very shortly include next week’s African Rail Odyssey webinar, the aforementioned Amalfi Coast LiveAway, and our Sicily LiveAway Part II: Cefalu. Lots on the go, because we’re going to do lots…stay tuned for more 🙂


Gordon Dreger
Founder, Wheel & Anchor

P.S. I’m delighted to release our 2023 Cyprus LiveAway program, which can be combined with Madeira, Malta, Sicily, or Amalfi as part of next winter’s European LiveAway series…you can find the full itinerary in your newsletter.

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