A Traveller’s Tradition (2022 Edition) & Happy New Year

Greetings from Thailand!

Another revolution around the sun is nearly complete, and another year of newsletters too comes to a close. In past year’s at this time I’ve done a little exercise taken from ‘one of my traveller friends’ (Amber, who has hosted several programs for us and who I’ll now credit properly) – and I think it’s appropriate to continue the tradition this year.

It’s 3 short questions, suitable for the end or beginning of any of life’s adventures…feel free to take it on for yourself should it resonate.

1. What are you leaving behind in 2022?

Anxiety over things I can’t control. As I was reflecting on this exercise, I took a look at what I said last year, and at risk of plagiarizing myself, I’m going to say the same thing.

It’s nearly impossible to put into words how different it feels going into 2023 than it did going into 2022, when we still weren’t certain if or when travel would return. I’ll be kind to myself and say I put in a good effort at leaving the anxiety in 2021…and I’m going to do an even better job this year!

So much has happened, and so much of it was incredible…I feel a sense of calm and excitement – somehow together – as the hours of the day go by, and I feel very good about leaving anxiety behind.

2. What are you going to bring with you in 2023?

More intention – A few weeks back I wondered a bit about intention, and to what degree it can shape or influence the unfolding of things. I have no more of an answer now, but I intend to keep intending!

And not just for myself, but also for our community here. In our webinars I always say our goal for you is to be well-travelled and well-connected…perhaps I’ll change that to ‘our intention for you’ and see what happens.

We also intend at some point to put together some events in Canada again so we can all connect at home too, but I can’t say for sure when that will happen – the calendar is rather full of trips.

Overall, in 2023 I’m going to keep playing with the concept and see what becomes of it. Less anxiety, more intention…there’s something to cook with there.

3. And what are you going to do more of in 2023?

More balance. 2022 was zero-to-100 for us, the kind of experience that stretches you personally and professionally, and it was a tremendous effort to get to the end. It was all 100% worth it, as we now have a growing team and are streamlining processes internally that will make the year ahead much smoother.

I’ve got a busy hosting schedule in the year ahead, but that doesn’t mean I can’t remain balanced through it, particularly if I hold my intention and leave the anxiety behind 🙂

So there it is – I feel good about that little trifecta, I feel good about the year ahead, and I feel very good about the adventures we have coming up. If this whole thing is a story, it feels like we are far from the end, and like it’s just getting really good…stay tuned to find out what happens next!

I’ll wrap up here – thanks ever so much for your readership, your participation in this community, and your companionship on the road. I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Celebration, full of friends, joy and gratitude, and I look forward to connecting with you for some travel in 2023.


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