A Very Good Reason to Go for a Walk

Greetings from Thailand!

I hope you’re enjoying the gifts of August and finding relaxation in the form that suits you best. For myself lately it’s been through a lot of walking with the dogs…one cannot say enough about the blessings of fresh air and nature.

While walking this morning I was reflecting on other places to walk, namely the Camino de Santiago, one of the early leaders from feedback from the community about travel in 2023.

I think it’s an excellent idea for rediscovering life as a traveller – both active and contemplative, individually on your own life journey, collectively with your companions and all the pilgrims who’ve walked before you. Not “going to Spain & Portugal for ten days,” but rather “going to walk The Camino.”

I wonder to what degree the difficult challenges of the past year and a half or so have created space for people to connect with themselves on different levels, and if trips like this might be part of a healing process or a new outlook on life.

A new challenge, a spiritual journey, an active quest filled with life-affirming energy. Rustic landscapes, fresh air, local food, a pace decided by you and your companions. Not slow but anti-rush, more time outside than inside, focused on connection. 

You could of course do a pilgrimage like this solo (and in some senses, you do), but I think doing it together makes it even more special. It’s one thing to go on a relaxing river cruise and make some new friends, and quite another to bond with people from different points but on the same path, walking the Camino together.

Pour me another glass of that… but what do you think?

More generally, I’d like to hear about any places you’ve got a burning desire to visit, as I’m just rounding out the options for our upcoming Trip Inspiration 2023 survey. I trust you’ll forgive me if 2023 sounds far away, but navigating the uncertainty in the travel industry requires a lot planning and contingency planning. 

Your thoughts are most welcome, more to come on it all later. For me for now, time for another walk 🙂


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