About Wheel & Anchor

Our mission and our team

Join a community of people with a passion for travel.

The vision of Wheel & Anchor is a community where travellers can connect to share stories and build friendships around their passion for travel. We believe the transformative experience of travel is accelerated and deepened in the company of friends, and that's why we do events to bring travellers together. We're a tribe of travellers creating and pursuing unforgettable experiences - if you feel the same way you're welcome to join us. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest inspiring stories, member news, and to find out about upcoming trips to incredible destinations.

So to sum up the reason Wheel & Anchor was founded: To fill the gaps between trips with stories, inspiration and a sense of community, to bring travellers together for unforgettable experiences, and ultimately to build friendships around a shared passion for travel.

Fun things happen when you bring people of like mind together. Around here that means we're going to have some adventures...will you join us?


You're in experienced hands and well-travelled company.

Gordon has been developing immersive travel experiences for Canadians for nearly 30 years, working with suppliers around the globe and hosting tours across several continents. His love for the conversations between travellers and the camaraderie of a group travelling together inspired the creation of Wheel & Anchor. The tours themselves are designed to allow more time to immerse in the destinations we visit, spending several nights in each stop and free days to explore on your own. We handle the flights, timetables, accommodations, and activities, so you can indulge in and explore the experiences, people, and cultures we visit together.

Meet the Wheel & Anchor Team


Gordon Dreger

Gordon is the founder of W&A and has travelled so far to 89 countries. He’s lived in Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Elsa Almenara

Elsa is our tour creator extraordinaire and an eager traveler, with Vietnam and Czech Republic as her current favorite destinations so far.


Paula Czarnik

Always on a quest for adventure, Paula is passionate to learn about the culture, history, trying local food as well as meeting the locals when she travels.


Celina Bisch

Our Marketing Manager, boosts customer experience and social media. She dreams of visiting Bali, Indonesia and cherishes her unique travels to Bermuda.

There's more to travel than the experience itself.

Life-changing travel experiences start with the anticipation in your own mind, creating life-affirming anchors of movement, beauty, and self-discovery. At Wheel & Anchor, our ongoing series of events allows you to meet other passionate travellers to exchange stories and ideas about where to go next, and to indulge in the excitement of upcoming trips. Before, during, after - we seek enjoyment in the whole experience. Check out the latest trips and upcoming events, and if you'd like to stay informed on upcoming programs, subscribe to our newsletter!



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