After the Plague came the Renaissance – Happy 2021!

To new beginnings! We’ve got new digits on the calendar and some new energy in the air, and with a little bit of luck we have lots of good things to look forward to in the year ahead.

That said, the first few months of 2021 I would unfortunately expect to be a continuation of the end of 2020 – we won’t be going anywhere for a little while yet as we wait and see how the vaccination roll out goes both here at home and abroad.

Travel in the spring seems unlikely at this point, but perhaps by the summer or into the fall we will have the chance to get moving again. Until then, let’s keep our spirits up and keep biding our time. Someone pointed out to me that the plague that hit Europe in the Middle Ages was followed by the Renaissance – perhaps a new renaissance in how we relate to each other and the world will follow this one.

Just a few quick notes on things upcoming – we’ll be reopening our office on January 4th, and resuming our webinar series with Incredible Train Journeys Part IV on January 7th – do join us for some banter as we investigate the Venice Simplon Orient Express and the Palace on Wheels in India.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for the start of year…let’s keep focused on the good things to come 🙂


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