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The Iconic
Trans-Siberian Railway

10th September 2021 - 28th September 2021

Join Wheel & Anchor and venture across the Trans-Siberian railway, a captivating journey across Russia, Mongolia, and China. Take in the changing landscapes from the Ural mountains into Siberia, across the grassy Mongolian steppe, and through the Gobi Desert into China on the world's longest rail journey.

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Yachting the Turkish Mediterranean

1st October 2021 - 16th October 2021

Join Wheel & Anchor to explore the crossroads of culture and civilizations in Istanbul, followed by a trip overland down the Aegean Coast of Turkey on our way to a 7 night yachting adventure on a luxurious Turkish gulet.

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Croatia, Slovenia & the Adriatic Coast 2021

4th October 2021 - 19th October 2021

The coastline of Croatia is one of the most beautiful and unique you’ll find anywhere. Our cruise aboard the lovely MS Bella will take us to the some of the smaller islands in the central Adriatic with plenty of time to explore on our own.

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Explore Caucasus: Georgia & Armenia 2021

7th October 2021 - 22nd October 2021

Adventure through mountains and vineyards, cathedrals and castles as we explore the rich history and culture of Georgia and Armenia. Get ready for spectacular mountain vistas and wine from the world's oldest wine-making region.

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The Holy Land: Israel & Jordan

2nd November 2021 - 15th November 2021

Join Wheel & Anchor to explore some of the most significant historical and religious sites in the world as we make our way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, before crossing into the dusty sands of Jordan to discover the mysteries and majesty of Petra.

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Egypt & the Nile

15th November 2021 - 26th November 2021

Wheel & Anchor returns to Egypt for a remarkable trip to discover one of humanity's most storied civilizations. Explore Cairo, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and the Grand Egyptian Museum before embarking on a 7-night cruise down the mighty Nile to visit Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and more.

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Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Koh Samui

5th January 2022 - 4th February 2022

Join Wheel & Anchor for the first of our LiveAway programs - a month in the sun-soaked south of Thailand on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Our experience on 'Coconut Island' will include lots of wellness, beach walks, fabulous dining, and optional weekend trips to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Singapore.

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Tour: LiveAways

Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Madeira

6th February 2022 - 6th March 2022

Join Wheel & Anchor for a month to explore the magnificent coastline and fabulous walking trails of the Portuguese outpost of Madeira. Enjoy delicious Portuguese cuisine and wine while exploring the 'Island of Eternal Spring'.

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Tour: LiveAways

Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Cyprus

8th March 2022 - 5th April 2022

Join Wheel & Anchor to explore 'The Island of Love' - the cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, Cyprus. A popular sun destination for Europeans, this gem is less-visited by Canadian travellers. Come with us to discover its fascinating history and outstanding cuisine with influences from the Greeks, Turks, Arabs, and more.

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