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Tour: LiveAways

Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Malta

20th February 2023 - 20th March 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for a relaxing month in the historically rich island of Malta in the Mediterranean sea. Sought after by European holiday makers for its amazing climate, this compact country offers a plethora of sights and activities and is a perfect LiveAway destination. Whether your interest is in broadening your understanding of the legendary Knights of Malta or simply admiring its breathtaking coastline, you'll have ample opportunity to do both during your month long stay.

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W&A LiveAways: Sicily

6th March 2023 - 3rd April 2023

Join us for four weeks exploring the charming villages, ancient ruins and striking coastline of Sicily. Our LiveAway here will happen in 2 parts, the first in Syracuse (Siracusa) on the eastern shore in the shadow of Mt. Etna. The second will be in Cefalù on the northern coast of the island, giving two different perspectives of this incredibly vast and not-so-little island - the veritable soccer ball to Italy’s boot.

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Tour: LiveAways

Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: New Zealand

15th March 2023 - 12th April 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for our month long program featuring 2 weeks in each of the North and South Islands. This trip is an ideal combination of getting to know about what life is like for our Kiwi friends in this far-flung nation, as well as witnessing some of its dramatic landscapes.

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Crossing the Andes: Argentina & Chile

20th March 2023 - 2nd April 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for an in-depth experience in South America's southernmost countries. In the spirit of slow travel, we'll spend a week exploring each of the capital cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago and their surroundings. In between we'll have the chance to explore Mendoza, the hub of Argentinian wine making, and we'll end in its Chilean counterpart, the Colchagua Valley.

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W&A LiveAways: Amalfi [SOLD OUT]

7th April 2023 - 21st April 2023

Join Gordon for a look at our April 2023 Amalfi Coast LiveAway, where we'll spend 2 weeks discovering the epitome of Mediterranean coastal landscapes, where colourful villages cling to the steep cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Your gateway to one of Italy's most celebrated regions will be the quaint town of Sorrento.

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Tour: LiveAways

Wheel & Anchor LiveAways: Tuscany

21st April 2023 - 5th May 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for two weeks of wine tasting, relaxing, and exploring in Italy's fascinating city of Florence. From our base in the centre we'll take in all the cultural marvels of this Renaissance gem, and also make trips out to Bologna, Siena, San Gimignano, and more.

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Tour: Weekends

The Azores: Jewels of the Atlantic

29th April 2023 - 4th May 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for a short getaway to a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that is the Azores. We'll stay at one of the top hotels in São Miguel with a thermal spa, explore volcanic craters with picturesque lakes, and seek out whales and dolphins along this stunning coastline.

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Porto & the Douro Valley

4th May 2023 - 12th May 2023

Join Wheel & Anchor for a week in the culinary capital of Portugal where you'll have ample time to sample many of the food and beverage delicacies for which this city and surrounding countryside is so well known.

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The Majestic Fjords of Norway

6th May 2023 - 23rd May 2023

Join us for a spectacular 11-night Norway cruise along one of the world's most breathtaking coastlines, experiencing the unique combination of the rugged, natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords and the feats of human engineering that this nation is known for. Our program begins with 3 nights in Oslo, where we'll take the Flam Railway to Bergen, then embark on our ship to sail to the very top of Norway and back, stopping to mingle with locals along a route that has been sailed for over 125 years.

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