Istanbul Bosphorus

Around the Black Sea: 6 countries


Join Wheel & Anchor for this out-of-the-ordinary yacht cruise beginning in Istanbul and covering the north coast of Turkey, Georgia, the Olympic city of Sochi in Russia as well as Crimea and the Black Sea cities of Romania and Bulgaria.

  • 18 Days / 17 Nights

  • September 2023

  • TBD

  • 22 Spots

  • Minimal Exertion

Gordon Dreger

Founder, W&A

Hosted by Gordon

Members often ask me about 'off-the-beaten track' itineraries and this one is certainly well off of any track I have ever managed to beat. From the comfort of our passenger yacht, this trip allows us an insight into ports of call in parts of the world that we often read about, and yet have little opportunity to visit and understand.

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