Crossing the Outback

Australian Rail Journey


Join as we travel across the expanse of the continent "Down Under" on two of Australia's fabled trains. We'll journey from west to east and south to north as we experience the outback, sample its superb wines and get a chance to understand what's behind the Ozzies laid-back nature. This is the ultimate way to see and feel Australia.

  • 21 Days / 20 Nights

  • October 2022

  • $

  • 20 Spots

  • Minimal Exertion

Gordon Dreger

Founder, W&A

Hosted by Gordon

Travelling by train has always fascinated me. Particularly in the biggest countries in the world, nothing gives you the feeling of covering the territory and experiencing how much pure space is out there like a train does. What I also love about going by train is that you get to meet all kinds of interesting people along the way - because it's like a rolling living room! Always lots of laughs and good times along the way.

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