An Adventure in Alignment

Greetings from Florence!

I’ve just arrived with some members for a few weeks here in the Renaissance capital, ready to explore one of Italy’s most beautiful cities after a few weeks on one of her most inspiring coasts.

Our timing is such that we are in the centre of Europe’s intellectual and cultural rebirth as the flowers of spring bloom around us, a beautiful reminder of the cyclical nature of time and the flow of energy. Life is best lived in alignment with these cycles, and it feels good to be here, right now.

I think when you’ve aligned the energy of the place you’re going with the activities you intend to pursue, at just the right time, you have the best chance for synchronicity to come into play and deliver you a magical experience that can’t be constructed.

It’s the Holy Grail of travel for me precisely because those experiences cannot be curated…we can only try and align the conditions, attune to the subtle signs, and see what happens. Those signs are good so far in Florence…let’s see what happens 🙂

Subtle and energetic alignment are also the theme of our newest 2024 trip release this week, a 7 or 14 night yoga and wellness program in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

We have only done a few wellness programs over the years, but I would like and intend to do more. Wellness is the primary condition that determines travel, and I think engaging in self-care experiences while travelling is another way of keeping yourself energetically aligned as a traveller.

The base of the program is a unique yoga program focused around exploring the major chakras, which has been intertwined with activities and trips around the island related to the energetic theme of the day. And beyond yoga, we’ll go hiking, explore Thai spa culture, sound healing, and more.

Koh Phangan is the perfect place for this sort of exploration, because it’s a perfect complement to the energy of the land and the people. It’s only a 30 minute ferry from Koh Samui, yet it attracts a very different type of person and has a distinctly different vibe than Samui.

In Phangan there are a huge variety of wellness modalities to try, more per capita than almost anywhere else you’ll go. Similarly, there are many excellent and healthy food options, also possibly more per capita than anywhere else.

We’ve designed it to fit in with our 2024 Koh Samui and Bali LiveAways, so if you’d like to do a few weeks of wellness and a few weeks of travel next winter, do take a look at the itinerary in your newsletter.

There’s lots yet to come, including all of our Portugal programs for next year, Croatia, Iceland, and more. Stay tuned and do get in touch should you be interested in joining us to Koh Phangan or elsewhere 🙂


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