An Overview of Our Europe’s Best Christmas Markets Trip for 2024

Greetings and best of the season from Ubud, Bali!

I hope you’re all tucked away in your slippers, Slanket, or climate of choice with a good book or bingeable series and a snifter of brandy, a mug of hot chocolate and getting the very most out of one of my favourite times of year.

Though I’ve just traded in one hot spot for another, and about to spend some much-needed downtime on one of my favourite tropical islands, I can’t help craving even the hint of a cool breeze to give me an excuse to have a cup of Glühwein.

It would make about as much sense as a popsicle in Antarctica, I know, but such is the nostalgic pull of Europe’s Christmas markets, where I’ve spent by so many gloriously cozy evenings, chilly hands wrapped around some hot, mulled wine, sipping slowly as I wander around the stalls, their gently coloured lights blending into the twilight.

Canada’s started adopting the market idea now – there’s one in Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver, the Distillery District in Toronto, and in Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles – but for me, it’s tough to compete with the European originals. Like Frankfurt, where they’ve been putting up some form of little stall and serving up seasonal snacks and refreshments alongside handmade crafts and gifts since 1393.

That’s 630 years of practice, and it shows, not only what they do and how they do it, but in how thoroughly and completely it’s part of everyone’s lives there. Depending on when you go, you’ll either see fathers and daughters spending their afternoons buying candy, office workers gathered around a standing table, Glühweins in hands, de-stressing before heading home, or teenagers on perfect dates, with every excuse in the world to get close and snuggle against storybook backdrops and love-inducingly, flatteringly selfie-perfect lighting.

If you’ve been to one before, you know what I’m talking about and, if you’re like me, picturing the scenes will make you ache to re-experience the magic. If you haven’t, this is a must-do, whether you celebrate Christmas or just like wintry traditions. There may be someone out there who wouldn’t enjoy Christmas markets, but I haven’t met one yet.

That’s why we’re putting the final touches on a Christmas Market trip that we’re calling Europe’s Best Christmas Markets for November 30 to December 13, 2024.

We’ll be starting the trip in Frankfurt, because the Germans are the acknowledged Christmas Market pros, and ending up in Vienna, because the Austrians were the first to come up with the idea, when the early Habsburg Duke Albrecht authorized Vienna’s first 14-day December fair in 1296. You can find the link to join us for the webinar below, and the full itinerary will be ready shortly after the holidays.

We’re going to give the team a much-deserved break for a few days and thus will be closed until January 8, 2024, after which we’ll be right back in the game with new trips and webinars for the new year and beyond.

In the meantime, I wish the merriest of Christmases to all who celebrate, and a great holiday season to all.


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