An update from Egypt & the situation there

Greetings from Thailand!

This past week we had our webinar about our March 2022 cruise down the Nile on a private sailboat, with my good friend, Egyptologist, and program host Mohamed Younes.

Before the webinar I spent some time chatting with Younes about the state of the pandemic in Egypt, how vaccinations are going there, the delayed opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum, and more. I made a short video of our conversation which you can find below:

It seems to me that travel is going to return to certain pockets of the world before others, and while it’s still too early to predict where those might be, we’re keeping an eye on things and getting the story from on the ground as much as possible.

There’s a lot of unknowns as it relates to the pandemic and our ability to travel, but it doesn’t do us a lot of good to focus on the things outside of our control. Wearing masks, washing hands, getting vaccinated as soon as is possible – these areas are where our attention is put to better use.

These are challenging times, but I remain an optimist and I’m determined that we will be ready when the time comes to go somewhere amazing. In the meantime, we’ll keep putting out programs for us all to dream about.

On that note, next week is our webinar about our first ‘5×5’ trip through Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, so join us for some inspiration and some banter if you’re free. Beyond that, we’ve got our rescheduled Trans-Siberian trip in the pipeline, a Tuscany LiveAway, and more coming soon…stay tuned & more importantly, stay safe 🙂


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