An update from on the ground in Tuscany

Greetings from Thailand!

A few weeks back we did a webinar about future ‘LiveAways’ programs that our community might be interested in, and a Tuscany LiveAway was near the top of the list. I love the thought of spending a month in Tuscany relaxing and feasting on the incredible food and wine, and so I’ve been hard at work pulling together all the details to release to you soon.

In the process I began to wonder about how the region has recovered from last year’s tragic surge of cases and hospitalizations, and so I decided to call up my good friend and fellow hospitality professional (and also an amazing restaurateur) Francesco Simonetti, who is on the ground in Tuscany looking after his family’s villas in preparation for the coming summer.

I made a short video of our conversation, where we talked about how the region has recovered, what his outlook is for the return of tourism, and what the overall sentiment for travel is in Italy:

I’m also pleased to announce the release of our latest program, The Ultimate Nile Cruise, which will be happening in March of 2022. Our last trip Wheel & Anchor trip was in the end of January 2020, to Egypt, Israel & Jordan, and it was an unforgettable experience. Egypt in particular was not just amazing for the mind-boggling ruins of ancient civilization, but also for the spectacular hospitality experience we received there.

This trip will be hosted by our illustrious guide and Egyptologist Mohamed Younes, who gave us the most incredible experience as we toured around last time. His knowledge of the region and its history really deepened our understanding of what we were seeing in front of us, and I’m delighted that he will be hosting our members for this cruise program as well.

You can also join us for the webinar for the program, which is coming up this week on May 13 – you’ll find the registration link in your newsletter. There’s also a link for the launch webinar for our first ‘5×5’ program to Scandinavia, which we’re just in the final stages of putting together to present to you.

I continue to receive lots of great emails from members of our community regarding getting their vaccines, which is wonderful to hear…our time is nearly upon us! Stay safe and stay patient just a wee bit longer – we can do this 🙂


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