An Update on Our 2021 Trip Schedule

Greetings from Thailand!

This first newsletter of March means the long winter of discontent is nearly over, and while I had not-so-secretly hoped we might have an opportunity to travel somewhere by the end of the spring, it sadly will not be the case.

End of spring / early summer was of course the most optimistic of timelines for the resumption of travel and it’s not a surprise to anyone who has been following the situation that we can’t go anywhere just yet. The bigger picture simply isn’t safe and governments and health authorities around the world need more time to get things under control domestically before the travel floodgates reopen.

I sent emails out this week to all of our members who were booked on our programs that were scheduled for Spring 2021 advising of the particular situation for each and along with the rescheduling information we have to date. This includes our trip to the Azores & Porto, Norway, Sicily & Malta, Scotland, and more; my short video this week explains the picture for each for the rest of the community so everyone is in the loop.

While officially postponingt things brings a small dip in energy, it’s just a temporary one – the energy around our LiveAways programs has been tremendously inspiring and

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing the rescheduled (or is it rereleasing the rescheduled?…it’s hard to keep track anymore!) trips we had on the schedule for this Spring, as well as other trips from our 2022 Trip Inspiration Survey. The virus may not have stopped yet, but neither have we! I’m determined that we’ll be the victors of this waiting game.

So, stay tuned a little longer, dream a little more, and let’s see what new life the warmer weather can bring us in the weeks and months ahead.


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