Announcing our first Wellness Program!

I started today off with a relaxing treatment here at a spa in Thailand, as it seemed the appropriate way to launch our first Wheel & Anchor Wellness program!

I was delighted to see that many of our members indicated in our member questionnaire that they would be interested in doing some Wellness travel programs, as I have been wanting to put together a number of amazing trips with a Wellness aspect to them.

The first of these is to La Pura Women’s Health Resort in Austria…details in the video below:


Perhaps the most common reason people take a vacation is to get away from the stress of overfilled, busy lives; we travel to heal our souls and recenter us to the things that matter.

Wellness travel takes the healing aspect of travel up another several notches, healing not just the ailments of the spirit, but also those of the body.

We’ve put three days in Vienna at the end of this program, which just recently unseated Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city, scoring a 99.1/100. A little dining and shopping before coming back to Canada should be the perfect end to this program.

Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions, or ideas for future Wellness programs you’d be interested in. We’ll also be releasing other ‘special interest’ kinds of trips, so please let us know what kind of travel interests you in our questionnaire!

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