Announcing our first ‘Town Hall’ webinar for our Solo Travellers!

Greetings from Ottawa!

I’ve come down for a few member events in this part of Ontario before I head to British Colombia next week to kick off our first West Coast event trip.

Over dinner and wine this past week a subject came up which I see a lot of in our member questionnaires – what can we do about the challenges facing the solo travellers in our member community?

I made a short video this week with some thoughts:

From single supplements to being the odd one out at dinner, the challenges are real, and we hear your pain! Part of the problem of course is that most of the industry is built and priced on a double occupancy basis, and there’s little we can do about that in the grand scheme of things.

However, there are destinations and programs that are more suitable for solo travellers where there won’t be an oppressive single supplement. We can also put together some events to connect travellers looking to find someone to room with on tours where there’s no alternative to paying the single supplement.

We understand however that finding someone to share a room with is a big deal, and we’d like your input on what’s important to you there and how we can best facilitate connecting travellers interested in the idea.

So for that reason and as mentioned in the video, we’ve set up our first ‘Town Hall’ webinar on April 24 at 11 AM to discuss the whole idea. We’ll have a panel of hosts and travellers, and we’d like you to bring your questions, concerns, and ideas to the virtual table!

We’ll also be throwing out some ideas we have for travel programs specifically for our solo travellers, so if you’re interested in the topic at all, please join us!

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