Beauty in Chobe National Park

Greetings from Savuti, Botswana!

We’re here in Chobe National Park on the final leg of our ‘Dunes & Delta program, with just a few days to go on what has been a truly magical adventure.

I talk often about the importance of experiencing a connection with travellers and locals in the places we go; in both Namibia and Botswana I could add a connection with animals, which have been riveting experiences again and again.

I put some short footage of a just a few of the marvellous creatures we’ve encountered in my video blog for the week, but as you can probably imagine – and I think appreciate – the internet is not great out here so I couldn’t upload much.

I definitely call that a feature and not a bug of this kind of experience…feeling far away from the modern world and its endless attention traps has been relaxing, and all that attention has now been freed to give entirely to the majesty of Africa’s wildlife.

In these massive game reserves and national parks, a herd of elephants sees us and thinks oh look, humans by the watering hole and carries on with their day the same way we might say oh look, a cardinal by the mailbox and carry on with ours at home. We’re noticeably and delightfully small out here, the kind of thing that triggers a shift in perspective.

You just have this very humbling sense of being guests in their neighbourhood, which opens the mind to many profound questions and feelings about our relationship to other life on the planet. To be so close to such beauty and ferocity intertwined in a dance for survival is the kind of thing that leaves an imprint on you forever.

It’s all been a flow of experiences locking us to the present moment, deep ideas to ponder, and lovely people to gasp and gape at it all with…we’ll certainly have an overflowing cup of memories by the time we’re finished 🙂

Briefly, on new trips – I’m pleased this week to release the third part of our Portugal triad for next year (which is actually the first leg) in our return to the Algarve in the south of the country.

The Algarve has a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe’s most popular sun destinations, which we’ll discover for ourselves as we explore both the East and West Algarve on our program. Do take a look below and consider joining us for this and / or the other two legs in Porto and the Azores.

Lots more coming soon, including getting caught up on our webinars once I’m back in internetland. Be well and do get in touch with any questions about this or any of our programs.

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