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Greetings from Toronto!

I'm back in Ontario after a lovely trip out east connecting with members in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland. It's truly a delight for me to meet so many members of our community spread across Canada, and I leave each time inspired anew to keep growing our 'tribe' of travellers and create more travel experiences for us to enjoy together.

Why visiting Capri might make you not want to come home

Visiting the island of Capri in Italy? You might not miss home.

You need certain things if you’re going to Capri — and we are not referring to items like a visa, passport, and a couple of euros. You need time and lots of it. Longer stays instead of just a few days is best when spending a holiday in Southern Italy (which is what our travel tribe has planned in our tour of Italy from North to South).

And pack smartly.

Scotland’s Ancient Brochs: A Baffling Mystery On A Colossal Scale

If you ever want to fluster an archaeologist or tour guide while you’re exploring Scotland, ask them what a broch is (pronounced “brock”, except with a softer “ck” than you’d normally use elsewhere). 

Their brow may furrow. They may adopt a slightly pained expression, purse their lips and squint into the middle distance.

Announcing our 2020 Adriatic Coast Program!

Greetings from Prince Edward Island!

I'm partway through my East Coast trip, where I've been meeting members in the Maritime Provinces and I made a short video with to announce the release of our 2020 program to Slovenia, Croatia, and the Adriatic Coast:

Things mentioned in the video:

Wheel & Anchor Weekends: Havana webinar - register here

Trip Outlook 2021 Part 2 webinar - register here


Shinto: How Japan’s Religious Soul Is Surviving An Age Of Change

You’re on a tour of Japan’s most famously modern city, and in the Shibuya district, the centre of pop culture and, seemingly, all the city’s noise and light. Or you’re elsewhere, surrounded by towers of glass and steel, plastered with more advertising (paper, digital and neon) than you’ve ever seen in one place, everything racing and chaotic…

Wherever you are in Tokyo, you can turn a corner, and be plunged into calm and tranquility.

Presenting the peaceful beaches in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 70 kilometres from the mainland. With an overall area of 167 square kilometres, it’s the fifth largest island in Thailand. The beaches there are some of the most stunning and serene in the world, living up to the cliche of dazzling white sands under cobalt-blue skies.

2021 Trip Outlook Part 2 + en route to the East Coast!

Greetings from the Toronto Pearson Airport (en route to Halifax)!

I made a short video with some thoughts about airports and a few notes about our East Coast events, August print newsletter, and part 2 of our webinar series Trip Outlook 2021:

Things mentioned in the video:

East Coast events: Find them here

Trip Outlook 2021 Part 2 Webinar: Register here


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