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It’s Not About the Destination…

As an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses, I’m driven, goal-oriented, and productive. My to-do lists are endless. I’ve trained myself to shift gears from one task to the next, and get stuff done like a boss.

To be honest, I couldn’t imagine living any other way—I thrive on it.

What is Wheel & Anchor all about?

Gordon sat down for an chat with Melissa Rodway from FLY Travel Radio to talk about the vision behind Wheel & Anchor and what new members can expect in the coming months ahead.

Click the orange play button to hear the full interview (52:00), or check out some of the highlights in the transcript below!

9:15: What makes Wheel & Anchor tours different?
Melissa: Okay.

The Traveller’s Lingua Franca

Sight-seeing is naturally a big part of travel, but people-talking can be even more rewarding.

It doesn’t roll trippingly from the tongue, I admit, and there should be a better phrase for the practise of talking to people – locals as well as fellow travellers – while on vacation, but as far as I know there isn’t.

And one of the reasons there isn’t, I imagine, is that it’s not nearly as popular as it should be.

Kazakhstan: Mysteries among the Mountains

Walking along Kabanbai Batyr Street in Almaty, I’m dumbfounded in that low-level way smashing into and through your expectations while travelling can dumbfound a person.

The streets around here are lined with what could be oaks, could be elms. It’s the sort of thing I usually pay attention to and make note of, because it’s good to be able to tell people later, “I was walking down this elm-lined street,” but I’ve been paying too much attention to the things I usually wouldn’t be noticing.

Hello from the Seychelles!

Lots of exciting things happening very soon…join us at one of our upcoming Wheel & Anchor events in May:

The first is May 8 in Mississauga – the inaugural Wheel & Anchor Member’s Evening! It’s going to be a lovely evening of mingling with other travellers, presentations of some spectacular destinations, and culinary treats from around the world. You can find all of the info here.

A Time Machine Made of Rocks

Like the Berlin Wall of fond memory, the Great Wall of China has spent the better part of its existence as something like a rumour.

China was so inaccessible for so long, the wall took on the patina of myth. Among Westerners, it had only been seen by the lucky few and as a result, like Stephen King’s monster in the closet, it became an almost supernatural thing, so when China started opening up, which is still not so very long ago, the Great Wall of China shot to the top of everyone’s list of things that must be seen.

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