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Webinar Replay: Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

Check out the replay from our recent Q&A webinar about our May 2020 trip to Japan and South Korea:

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Or, for some more inspiration, check out one of our stories about Japan:

How Japan Mastered The Art Of Staying Alive

Shinto: How Japan’s Religious Soul Is Surviving An Age Of Change

A Polite Visitor’s Guide To Bowing In Japan

The Irresistible Appeal of Japanese Art and Aesthetics

Soak Yourself in a Japanese Tradition

Kyoto culture and cuisine: Where to go and what to eat

The House That Flowed Like Water

From the Jet Age to the Bullet Age


Announcing our newest program to Austria!

Greetings from Toronto!

It's fall but the weather is lovely! I made a short video this week to talk about our newest program released in our newsletter this week, and a little project of mine over the past year:

Things mentioned in the video:

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Why Cruise The Elbe?

Greetings from Toronto!

A touch of fall colours can be seen around and the air is cooling off, which means it must be September, which is a great time to travel all sorts of places.

At a recent event I was asked by one of our members about our cruise program happening next September along the Elbe River from Berlin to Prague.

Charms and mysteries of Prague Castle

Hundreds of centuries-old castles dot the European continent, lending an air of enchantment to this storied land. But few live up to our fairytale fantasies and pique our curiosity more than Prague Castle. With its many soaring towers, expansive courtyards, and, of course, majestic castles and palaces, Prague Castle seems to have been plucked straight out of a fairytale — one replete with intrigue, mystery, and murder.

Thoughts about France + New edition of The Anchor Monthly!

Greetings from Toronto!

We had a couple of great events meeting members of our community this past week in Toronto, with lots of inspiring conversation about travel with some very well-travelled globetrotters! I had a number of conversations about France that inspired me to make a short video about why we've planned two programs to France next year and what you can expect to experience there:

Things mentioned in the video:

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A guide to eating in Egypt

Eating in Egypt is considered by many to be an adventure in itself, a culinary walking tour of a culture rich in history. Egypt is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east while being neighbors to Libya and Sudan — which explains why Egyptian cuisine is a marriage of the bounties of the sea and honest, humble fare from the land.

Forget The Words, Taste The Darkness: The Delicious, Confusing World Of Irish Stout

This first sip is thick in my mouth - half from the frothy, creamy sweet head at the top of the glass, and half the much cooler, bitter liquid from beneath, the dark part of the beer, drawn up through the cream (it’s not really cream, but we’ll get to that) - and the two very different flavours combining, flooding my tastebuds with something contradictory, confusing and absolutely delicious.

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