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Norway: What’s It Like To Live Under The Midnight Sun?

It’s late in the day, and the sun is low in the sky. Oblique sunlight casts shadows across the magnificent rocky landscape all around you, deepening the blue of the sea into a wine-dark purple, the snow-streaked mountains into creamy shades of pink and yellow, the sky into colours that promise a really magnificent sunset.

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Plan for a vacation that really relaxes you

When you think of relaxation, you may think of doing nothing except lie on the beach or lounge at home. You may even assume that kind of vacation is stress-free. But the reality is actually the opposite.

Doing nothing leads to boredom, which in turn leads to anxiety.

Would you like a postcard from Japan?

Greetings from Tokyo!

Just a short message this week as I await the arrival of the members of our community who are joining me for this tour of Japan:

Things mentioned in the video:

Next week's Tastes of Eastern France webinar: register here

I'll be posting some updates and photos from our tour in our Facebook group.

The Secret To Long-Term Travel Is…Yoga?

I know - that title is making a really bold claim. Yet the evidence is really compelling.

But before we get to that - a word about how yoga looks from the outside, when you’ve never tried it.

You’ve probably seen expert practitioners in magazines, somehow managing the impossible feat of looking good in skin-tight lycra, bending themselves into shapes that would make Salvador Dali sweat.

An enchanting river cruise down Rhône Valley

The mighty Rhône, one of the major rivers of Europe, begins in Switzerland and passes through France before it pours out into the Mediterranean Sea. Its waters flow past some of France’s most historical places, including Lyon and Provence.

Lyon is home to the appropriately named Rhône Valley, one of the most celebrated wine regions in the south of France, while Provence is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic villages and a place of gastronomic delights.

How traveling makes you a better person

Perhaps you’ve had a life-changing trip that encouraged you to do something you’ve never done before or you’ve met travel companions who’ve become your friends for life. It’s easy to romanticize how travel makes one a better person, but traveling is truly transformative.

What You’ll Discover in Norway!

Greetings from Southern Thailand!

I'm back in Asia getting ready for our Japan: Land of the Rising Sun tour, and working at getting some new programs out. I'm pleased to announce we've just released our 'The Majestic Fjords of Norway' program, happening April 30-May 18 2020.

Norway is one of my favourite countries to visit, and one that I recommend most of the time when travellers ask me where they should go for an amazing travel experience.

Why Is The Trans-Siberian Railway The World’s Best Train Journey?

The world does not lack for epic train rides. There’s Europe’s famous Orient Express, and the modern route of the Transcontinental Railroad crossing the United States. How about the Indian Pacific, an Australian passenger service covering the 4,352 kilometres between Sydney and Perth? Or there’s Canada’s magnificent named First Passage To The West, running between Vancouver and Banff.

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