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Three Ways To Break The Ice Like A Travel Writer

You’re in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by the exciting bustle of a new culture, all your senses a whirl - but right now, all you want to do is make a new friend.

It’s so easy to feel lonely in a new part of the world - which is one of the advantages of travelling in a group, with a knowledgeable guide leading the way and making introductions everywhere you go.

New itineraries released: Japan & Australia & New Zealand!

Greetings from Thailand!

I'm delighted this week to present you with two programs for 2020: Japan and Australia / Zealand:

Our trip to Japan this past May was spectacular, and I'm delighted to be able to offer it again, with very minor revisions! Japan is truly a fascinating country with a unique culture, and while it deserves a longer stay than even these three weeks, this trip will undoubtedly open your eyes and your mind.

Dreaming of Egypt? Slow-travel down the Nile

A slow journey down the storied Nile River guarantees an immersive experience filled with stunning architecture, vivid scenery, and dreamy stargazing. If you don’t fancy a river cruise, don’t fret. Huge chunks of cruises along the Luxor-Aswan stretch of the Nile will be spent on land; there are simply way too many incredible sights to see to stay put in a boat.

Did The Vikings Even Exist?

A young boy stares out to sea, his face wrinkled in consternation. There’s a sail out there, where there shouldn’t be one - which only means one thing. 

He breaks into a run, shouting an alarm at the adults manning the nearby stockade that protects the town within.

Fall for the charms of Oban, Scotland

This seaside town has been one of Scotland’s most popular resort destinations since Victorian times. Despite its small size, Oban can host to up to 25,000 people during the peak tourist season. It’s a classic port town, with lots of wind, gulls, and wide-open islands.

Member Questions Answered!

Greetings from Thailand!

I had a chance on the flight here to dig into our member questionnaires from recent weeks, and wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of the questions that came up there:

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