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Scotland’s End: Why All Roads (Should) Lead To Cape Wrath

There’s not much to see at John O’Groats, the second-most famous of Britain’s extremities. The approach is promising: the sea glittering on the horizon, shadowed with the first islands of Orkney; a succession of settlements, handsome in a sturdy, weather-defying sort of way, until you pass the town of Wick and a dispersed scatter of grey houses until the road leads you to the cliff edge, where…


They’ve tried really hard to make John O’Groats look more presentable.

Scotland: A Unique Cruise Destination

In 1842, Queen Victoria first set sail for Scotland...and promptly fell in love. Completely enamored with her northern kingdom, she would come back again and again, and create some of her fondest memories there — something that you’re bound to do when you embark on a cruise of the Scottish isles with us.

How to experience France + upcoming programs!

Greetings from the banks of the Canal du Midi!

I'm here in France doing some reconnaissance for an upcoming program along the Canal du Midi (as an extension program to our Tastes of Eastern France program, and as a program exclusively for solo travellers in the spring of 2021), and made a short video about why one should explore France beyond Paris:

Things mentioned in the video:

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Hey, Who Stole Dijon’s Mustard?

You’re looking in a shop window in Dijon, Burgundy (part of your tour of the incredible tastes of Eastern France) - and suddenly, there it is. 

It doesn’t look much, especially considering the fabulous culinary treats displayed around it. If you were here for looks alone, the wine would be a clear winner: all those gorgeous labels, befitting one of the world’s greatest wine-producing areas at a regional and international crossroads.

What is it like to journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Some people associate train travel with commuting on the subway. And there are those who associate it with the splendor and mystery of an Agatha Christie novel — the one where a majority of the characters on the train become suspects in a crime.

Journeying along the Trans-Siberian Railway couldn’t be more different from a morning commute or being on Christie’s Orient Express.

What makes Wheel & Anchor programs different?

Greetings from Bregenz, Austria!

It's steaming hot in Europe as this heatwave rolls through, and finally warming up in Canada - I hope wherever you are you're staying cool and hydrated! I made a brief stopover here on my way to France, where I'm conducting a bit of research for an upcoming houseboating program down the Canal du Midi.

Norway getaway: Of fjords, falls, and fishermen’s huts

One of the reasons we travel is to experience firsthand some of the most spectacular sights that Mother Nature and man have created.

If your Instagram account has been unremarkable of late, then it’s time to take a trip to Norway. Make sure to bring your best phone camera, DSLR, or perhaps even a drone with you, because you won’t get enough of the staggering photo opportunities that the country once called “Europe’s most beautiful” has to offer.

Fortress of Fire: Edinburgh Castle’s Explosive History

Edinburgh’s mighty castle has an explosive, violent past - but that’s nothing compared to what’s underneath it.

It’s your first time in Edinburgh - and there’s no missing the city’s most dramatic landmark.

It’s easy to look up at the battlements of Edinburgh Castle and imagine they’ve always been there – as ancient as the highlands, and just as unbreakable.

Greetings from the southernmost ‘fjord’ in Europe!

Greetings from the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro!

Or, more specifically, the Fortress of Kotor overlooking the Bay of Kotor. The view here is just spectacular, and I made a short video from the top explaining the geographical features you can see here:

Things mentioned in the video:

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