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Recapping Events + Solo Traveller Webinar Next Steps

Greetings from the Caribbean!

I'm just finishing a short break before gearing up for some touring! I made a short video here to recap some recent events:

Mentioned in the video:

Webinar replay: Town Hall #1: Solo Travellers

Upcoming webinar for The Majestic Fjords of Norway: register here

Stay tuned next week as we'll be releasing our Norway program.

Going Solo: A Travel Writer’s Perspective

It’s sometime just before midnight in Athens, and I’m in a bar in the streets under the Acropolis, preparing to do something really crazy.

The Greeks call it “un-nighting” - a fun-loving experiment in self-inflicted suffering, with a dollop of machismo thrown in (as with most things in Greece). The principle is simple: the night doesn’t exist and neither does your need to sleep, so you stay up, grabbing dinner at midnight, then moving from bar to bar, alternating between beer and strong, gritty Greek coffee - and you keep going until sunrise.

Webinar Replay: Town Hall #1: Solo Travellers

Check out the replay from our recent webinar where Gordon and our crew of panelists dive into the subject of the concerns and challenges facing solo travellers:

We had a lively discussion and offered some ideas on how we can address some of these challenges through upcoming events and some trips specifically for the solo travellers in our community here at Wheel & Anchor.

Kyoto culture and cuisine: Where to go and what to eat

Kyoto has been the cultural center of Japan for centuries. This is why it was saved from destruction in World War II; US Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson had it removed from the atomic bomb target list. Clearly, Stimson saw something in Japan’s former capital that moved him to spare it from ruin.

Crossing Canada by Train + Upcoming Events!

Greetings from Hornpayne, Ontario!

I'm en route back to Toronto after a fantastic trip to see members of our community in western Canada, and I decided to take the 'road less travelled' - or tracks, I suppose - and see some of the scenery along the way.

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Webinar Replay: The Elbe River: Berlin to Prague

Check out the replay from our recent webinar about our upcoming river cruise down the beautiful Elbe River, starting in Berlin and making our way down to Prague:

For more information about the program, you can download the full itinerary here.

Or, check out some of the stories about the region from our storywriters:

Sailing Over Stone: The Magic Of The Saxon Highlands

From Narrowboats To River Cruises: The Future Of Luxury Travel Is Afloat

Berlin’s Tempelhof: From Wartime Airport To People’s Park (On An Epic Scale)

From Berlin to Prague: Is cruising the Elbe River worth every penny?


Sailing Over Stone: The Magic Of The Saxon Highlands

If the boundaries of countries were determined by the geology under them, Europe would have two Switzerlands.

There’s the Switzerland you already know - the German-speaking one that spreads unevenly over one side of the Alps, made of green meadows and snow-lined mountain passes.

Member Questions: Trekking in Bhutan, new local chapters, our next river cruise, and more!

Greetings from Vancouver!

I made a short video this week to address some more member questions from our member questionnaire and from recent events:

Things mentioned in the video:


April 17: The Elbe River: Berlin to Prague webinar - register here
April 24: Wheel & Anchor Town Hall #1: Solo Travellers webinar - register here

And check out the events page for the dates for our East Coast trip this coming August! Venues will be announced a little closer to time of the events.

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