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A cruise down the Canal du Midi: What makes it a great journey?

Seventeenth-century French tax collector Pierre-Paul Riquet proposed the construction of the Canal du Midi in the Languedoc region in Southern France to aid in the transportation of goods like wine, wheat, and textiles. Transportation of these and other goods was slow and expensive by land, and creating a waterway that would connect key trading ports in southern to northern France seemed like an excellent idea.

Webinar Replay: Italy: North to South

Check out the replay from last week's member Q&A webinar about our upcoming tour of Italy: North to South:

Italy is our most requested destination in our community of travellers, and with good reason. Many have already been, some multiple times, but frankly speaking each region is deserving of its own separate long-stay as there is simply so much to appreciate.

Why Australia Loves Life On The Edge

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have had a meaningful relationship with a tree.

Perhaps it’s the lithe elm outside our office window that reminds us of the great outdoors when all we see inside is glowing screens and overflowing paperwork.

Why England’s Lake District tops many travellers’ list of places to visit

Around 15 million people visit England’s Lake District in Cumbria county every year. Many locals travel to this part of Northwest England to enjoy its fabulous lakes, the surrounding verdant valleys, and the many attractions in this charming region. It’s one of the UK’s most popular national parks, and it will continue to be, especially since it was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is Cruising Really Travel?

I've enjoyed being part of lots of great conversations at our member events recently, and one topic that came up on a few occasions was that of cruising and its merits.

Some people love it, others are more lukewarm, and some have never tried, but are curious.

Webinar Replay: Scotland by Sea

Check out the replay from our recent Q&A webinar about our upcoming Scotland by Sea program happening in May 2020:

Fore more information about the program, and to download the full itinerary, click here. Or if you have any questions or feedback about the program, please contact us directly or at info@wheelandanchor.

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