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When In Armenia, Ask About The Apricots

It looks something like an enormous plum, but it’s entirely the wrong colour - instead of a dark, ruddy pink or cherry colour, it’s a light, golden hue, neither yellow or orange, like it’s sculpted from butter. It’s also a bit too big, since it’s the size of a crab apple - but it’s not one, since the skin of soft and slightly furry.

Postcards from Croatia & Companions for the Road Program!

Greetings from Dubrovnik!

I'm here getting ready to board our vessel for our cruise up and down the Adriatic Coast, and I made a quick video with some thoughts about travel, a few notes about our 'Companions for the Road' program, and to let you know how you can get a postcard from me while I'm here!

Things mentioned in the video:

To get a postcard from me in Croatia, fill out our member questionnaire and drop me an email saying you'd like one!

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Jordan: A desert paradise

A desert is the last thing anyone would equate with paradise, but Jordan’s vast desert region is just that. Comprising around three-quarters of the country, the Jordanian desert is where you’ll find spectacular sights that bring peace and happiness to all those who come to visit.

The Endless River Of Life: Charting The Mighty Nile

Want to get a feel for how big the Nile really is? Try to outfly & outsail it.

Let’s say you’re on our Egypt, Israel and Jordan tour in January next year, and you have a window seat with your flight into Cairo. You won’t be able to miss the Nile delta, that colossal fan-shaped swathe of green land spilling north into the Mediterranean and stretching 240 kilometres between Alexandria and Port Said.

Next steps in our ‘Companions for the Road’ program!

Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

I'm here on a short stop between programs, as we just finished up our fabulous tour of Japan and South Korea, and now I'm on my way to Slovenia to meet our next group of members for our Adriatic Coast program.

I'm excited today to announce the next steps in our 'Companions for the Road' program, which is geared toward connecting solo travellers in our community with other solo travellers who are looking for a travel companion.

Webinar Replay: Tastes of Eastern France

Check out the replay from our recent webinar about our Fall 2020 program Tastes of Eastern France:

In a unique 3-part 'modular' program, you can join us for a cruise on the the Rhône & Saone rivers, followed by 3 days exploring one of the world's gastronomic hubs in Lyon, followed again by 4 nights enjoying the food and wine in the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France.

What makes wine tasting in Italy worth the long flight?

When you think of superb wine, you think of Italy. Grapes grown and fermented from other countries have their own special appeal, but nowhere else in the world can hold a candle to the variety and quality of wine-tasting experiences in Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country).

Why is wine tasting better in Italy than in, say, Mudgee, New South Wales? For starters, the weather's better.

Reflections from the Korean DMZ

Greetings from the Korean DMZ!

I'm here on the last leg of our Japan tour, an extension program to South Korea. We took some time today to visit this lonely strip of land between the two halves of this once unified country. It got me thinking a bit, so I made a short video with some thoughts:

Things mentioned in the video:

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