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Webinar Replay: Scotland by Sea

Check out the replay from our recent Q&A webinar about our upcoming Scotland by Sea program happening in May 2020:

Fore more information about the program, and to download the full itinerary, click here. Or if you have any questions or feedback about the program, please contact us directly or at info@wheelandanchor.

Announcing our newest program: Yoga for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Greetins from Markham!

I'm back in Canada again, and events are in full swing, in spite of the chilly (and icy) weather!

In today's short video I'm excited to announce our newest Wheel & Anchor Active program, called Yoga for the Mind, Body, and Soul in Koh Phangan, Thailand, as well as introduce your lovely hosts and yoga instructors for the program, Keith and Brianna:

I spend a few months a year in Koh Phangan and apart from it being one of my favourite places on the planet, it is a very special island with an energy about it that draws yogis and spiritual energy seekers from all over the planet.

Reading Like A Local: Three Ways To Get To Know A Place Through Its Words

You’ve booked your dream trip to a faraway place for later in the year - and it has filled you with a restless energy. The departure date is months away, but you’re feeling the excitement of it now. So - what’s next?

Well, you could spend the time watching travel videos, gazing at gorgeous photos on Instagram, and generally trying to get a feel for the place by vicariously perching on the shoulders of people who have been there.

Webinar Replay: Explore Caucasus: Georgia & Armenia

Just a quick note to let you know the replay from our recent webinar about our Fall 2019 program Explore Caucasus: Georgia & Armenia can be watched below:

For more information about the program and to download the full tour itinerary, visit the tour details page, or send a message to one of the members of the Wheel & Anchor team!

Queen Mary 2: A trip to the age of elegance

Don’t call the Queen Mary 2 a cruise ship. She is a proper transatlantic ocean liner.

The strict term isn’t just typical British snobbery (although Cunard Line, the operator of QM2, is a veritable British maritime institution bought in 1999 by the Florida-based Carnival Corporation, making Cunard a British-American company). Unlike a cruise ship, an ocean liner is built to withstand a transatlantic journey, with a stronger steel hull to ride out any kind of weather in the middle of the ocean.

Announcing the new Scotland by Sea program!

Greetings from Palm Springs, California!

I'm delighted this week to announce the release of the latest Wheel & Anchor program, called Scotland by Sea: Dublin to Edinburgh. It's a spectacular expedition cruise along the ruggedly beautiful coast of Scotland, with stops on some of the isles off her coast, including the Isle of Skye, Shetlands, Orkneys, and more:

Other things mentioned in the video:

Last call for Dear Evan Hansen tickets! We've got a great group going on March 20 in Toronto, and only 4 remaining.

France’s Canal du Midi: A Reinvented Wonder Of The Engineering World

It’s 1662 - and French tax farmer and science enthusiast Pierre-Paul Riquet has an impossible dream.

It’s easy to imagine him staring at a map of France, his brow beetled with frustration. At its narrowest point across France, less than 450 km separate the Mediterranean from the Atlantic - but without a functioning waterway, trade goods were faced with the journey down the coast, round the Iberian Peninsula, through the straits of Gibraltar and up the other side.

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