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Why Walking Will Always Be The Healthiest Way To Travel

I’ve just disembarked from my plane at Berlin’s Schoenfeld Airport, and now I need to get into Berlin itself, around 8 miles to the north. Hmm. Do I do this the new way or the old-fashioned way?

The new way is extremely well-signposted. There are taxis, regional trains and an extremely regular S-bahn (urban rapid transit railway) to choose from.

Koh Phangan, Thailand: A rejuvenating retreat at a seaside sanctuary

A tropical beach evokes images of palm-fringed shores, cool breezes, a cool glass of cocktail, and great travel companions. Sometimes, however, the beach is associated with getting marooned on an island, which is not always an entirely bad thing.

It’s actually a scenario that’s rife with possibilities — a gorgeous stretch of sand, you on a hammock swinging back and forth in between tall shady coconut trees, beach reading on hand, and crystal-clear blue waters.

Announcing our first ‘Town Hall’ webinar for our Solo Travellers!

Greetings from Ottawa!

I've come down for a few member events in this part of Ontario before I head to British Colombia next week to kick off our first West Coast event trip.

Over dinner and wine this past week a subject came up which I see a lot of in our member questionnaires - what can we do about the challenges facing the solo travellers in our member community?

I made a short video this week with some thoughts:

From single supplements to being the odd one out at dinner, the challenges are real, and we hear your pain! Part of the problem of course is that most of the industry is built and priced on a double occupancy basis, and there's little we can do about that in the grand scheme of things.

Webinar Replay: Egypt, Israel & Jordan: 4 Variations

Check out the replay from our recent webinar about our upcoming tour of Egypt, Israel & Jordan, happening in January of 2020:

The 4 Variations means you can join us for:

Program A: Egypt Only
Program B: Egypt & Israel
Program C: Egypt, Israel, & Jordan
Program D: Israel & Jordan

Gordon explains the structure and the highlights in the video, and the rest of the details can be found in the full itinerary, available for download from the tour details page.

How Japan Mastered The Art Of Staying Alive

Walking the streets of the average Japanese town for the first time (as you’ll be doing on our Land Of The Rising Sun tour next year) - well, you may be struck by the old people.

Hopefully not literally, but you never know, since it’s not an uncommon sight to see parks and pavements filled with over-65s (which make up a fifth of Japan’s population), stretching their limbs and gently pumping iron.

Webinar Replay: Yoga for the Mind, Body & Soul

Check out the replay from our recent webinar about our upcoming Yoga for the Mind, Body & Soul program, happening in the fall of 2019 on the island of Koh Phangan in the sunny south of Thailand:

For more information, visit the tour details page, or feel free to contact us with any questions!

Announcing The Elbe River: Berlin to Prague program!

Greetings from Toronto!

I'm delighted today to announce the release of the final itinerary for our first river cruise program here at Wheel & Anchor - The Elbe River: Berlin to Prague:

The Elbe is one of Europe's lesser-cruised rivers, namely because it is quite shallow, and required the building of custom ships to do so.

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