Channeling Rick Mercer & thoughts on the situation

Greetings from Toronto!

Well, it may surprise you to know we’re still in December and it is not in fact Groundhog Day, but I’ve quadruple-checked and asked a few pedestrians here in Toronto.

New variant…check.

Travel restrictions…check.

Chaos and uncertainty…check.

The mood trending in the wrong direction…maybe in some places, but not around here 🙂

Sure, we’re not vibing quite as high as a few weeks back, but even this far into this mess, I remain unable to allow things I completely can’t control to bring me to despair. I’m not remotely surprised that this particular stretch of winter is favourable to the spread of a virus, and although Omicron is an unwelcome addition to the party, it does appear to be less lethal thus far.

Generally speaking, we’re in wait and see mode like the rest of us. My least favourite hat to wear is that of news reporter, so I generally stay out of it; decisions on trips will be made when necessary, and not before. A lot can change in a few weeks in this day and age and we’ve come too far to be quitting on anything prematurely.

I do have a number of broader predictions and prognostications to make, but for those you’ll have to join me this upcoming Thursday for our webinar on the Outlook on Travel for the Next 6 Months. It won’t just be me rambling, however; I’m keen to hear from the community in the chat and via a few polls, so please join us if you are able.

If I can’t recommend any travel at the moment, then let’s go with a drink instead. A little Grand Marnier in your morning coffee will give your day a little flavour and just the right amount of rebellion while we’re forced to sit and wait. Send me yours 🙂


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