Costa Rica Reviewed & 2023 Charters

Greetings from Thailand!

Well our first W&A trip of 2023 has officially wrapped up with the completion of our inaugural Costa Rica Eco Adventure, and this happens to coincide with the release of next year’s Costa Rica program.

It’s still on my agenda to go through all the feedback in full, but I’ll share some very detailed feedback from one of our members on the trip:

The planning and organization of the trip was amazing. There were no concerns about where we were going, accommodation and trips each day. The choice of guides for the special walks was excellent, as they were very passionate about the flora and fauna and passed it on to us. 

The accommodations were each different and great in their own way. We saw so many birds on the first stop, including the quetzal. The Feather Garden right on the Savegre Hotel grounds should not be missed. 

Rio Chirripo has fantastic gardens and the staff there was just the best. Such a relaxing spot after our walks. Secret Garden was a highlight. Luna Lodge is certainly one of a kind…Our stay there in the rainforest is something we will never forget. 

Our host and guide, Martine made the whole trip the special thing that it was. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she was so careful about all of us. Along with her charming husband Jeison, she shared with us the beauty of Costa Rica.

(Thanks for the feedback Sherry!)

We opted to keep three lodges instead of two again for 2024, as we felt it’s worth it to get a third perspective on the unique ecosystems of Costa Rica. If you’re looking for somewhere warm and interesting to explore next January, do check out the full itinerary in your newsletter.

With all the new trips coming in the pipeline, I’ll try and dedicate a bit of room for our 2023 trips, because our newer members have missed their releases and we rarely talk about them with all the new trips coming out.

So, some of our 2023 trips still have spots available, while others are filling quickly or are full already. Rather than list them here I would direct you to the PDF in your newsletter with the full list and availability.

This week I’ll highlight our trips where we’ve chartered an entire vessel just for Wheel & Anchor, which is my preferred way to cruise 🙂 We don’t do a ton of cruising, with exceptions for places where it is simply the best way to capture a particular experience, as below:

  1. We’ve got a few spots left on our very popular Croatia, Slovenia & the Adriatic Coast program in the fall, and.I believe one spot for May 2023 due to a cancellation. The Adriatic continues to be one of Europe’s top cruise destinations and with good reason, and a 34-passenger megayacht like ours is a far superior experience to what you’ll find on a larger ship.
  2. There’s also one cabin remaining for someone to join us to cruise the Turkish Mediterranean in a stunning Turkish gulet in September. We’ll spend some time exploring Istanbul before heading down the coast to Bodrum to meet our ship, stopping to see the legendary Ephesus along the way. Then it’s 7 nights sailing the waters of this less-visited part of the Mediterranean.
  3. Then in November we’ll be chartering a beautiful 1930’s replica of an Indochinese riverboat for a cruise along the Mekong River through Cambodia & Vietnam. Prior to our cruise we’ll explore the incredible Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, and then embark on an iconic Southeast Asian traveller’s route. A lovely escape from the realities of November. (Early bird pricing ends Jan 31)

We’ve also got chartered ships for our Galapagos and Scotland programs, though both of these are happening in 2024. They are however filling fast, so do get in touch if you’d like to join us for either.

Lastly, we’ve got three webinars upcoming for the first three 2024 LiveAways, happening in Koh Samui, Madeira, and Bali. Join us for any or all of those if you’re thinking about a trip away next winter.

It’s a firehose of information and there’s still lots more…but we’ll try to keep it in digestible chunks. Stay tuned and do reach out if you’d like to join us for an upcoming adventure.


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