Cyprus Re-released + A Report from on the Ground in Beirut

Greetings from Malta!

I decided to make a last minute trip here while I’m still in LiveAway prep mode, since we’ll be doing a 2023 LiveAway to Malta, and I’m not entirely sure when it will be otherwise convenient for me to get here to do my recon. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been here and it’s been a delight already…it will be another fun LiveAway for next year.

In the past week I’ve been in Cyprus, Lebanon, Austria, Switzerland, and now Malta…Canada comes next and I should think a brief respite from the bouncing around. (I say that now, but frankly speaking, I don’t really believe myself :))

I’m pleased this week to finally relaunch the itinerary for our Cyprus LiveAway. As I previously mentioned, upon closer investigation once I got here, it became apparent that a number of things about the program as originally envisioned needed to be revised – most notably our chosen accommodation. If you’re going to spend a longer period of time somewhere then the comfort and convenience of your home base becomes even more important, and where we were simply wasn’t going to cut it.

We were able to secure a few more rooms for the program, although space is limited and the hotels won’t hold them for long. So if you haven’t made any plans for March and you’d like to join us for an adventure, I encourage you to check out the itinerary below, or join us Monday for an update on the program as a whole (or do both!).

I made a short video this week while visiting Beirut, a city I am quite fond of and one we were considering exploring as a weekend excursion while on our Cyprus LiveAway. The explosion in the harbour, the pandemic, and a brutal economic crisis have hit the country hard, and I wanted to visit some old friends here and see for myself what the reality on the ground is. I’ll say more about it on Monday in our Cyprus webinar, but you can get a taste with the link below.

Overall, the dance continues between planning trips and watching the situation in Europe, where our next few trips are happening. My experience here the past few months leaves me optimistic things can run pretty smoothly, provided the chips fall our way over the next weeks and months.

As always, your positive thoughts and intentions are much appreciated as we make our way back to travelling. Thank you for all the supportive messages I’ve received the past few weeks – it means a lot to me to hear from you and to know our community is as keen to travel again as I am 🙂


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