Event Recap + Previewing World Travel Market

Well, it certainly was a whirlwind week at Wheel & Anchor!

It was wonderful to meet so many travellers this week, both at the Zoomer Show, and in our Wheel & Anchor group that went to see the terrific Come From Away musical.

As mentioned, I’m off to World Travel Market to get the latest pulse of the global tourism and travel industry, connect with our partners from around the world, and scout new experiences to bring to Wheel & Anchor.

We do our programming for both tours and events based on feedback from our community of travellers via our Member Questionnaire, so if you’ve got a few places in mind that you’d like to travel to, let us know! Your input matters to us and is part of the vision of our community.

A big thanks to all of our members who have already it out – I’ve got a list of meetings arranged based on your responses.

Next week I’ll be sharing some insights from World Travel Market, as well as some of the most interesting experiences that we come across there.

Until then – safe travels!

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