Feeling the Fall Travel Frequency

Greetings from Parry Sound, Ontario!

I spent some time this past week checking over the preparations for some groups travelling this fall, and that has pulled me back into travel mode after a few delightfully slower weeks getting reacquainted with the pleasures of the Canadian summer.

We’ve got Wheel & Anchor groups heading out for adventures in Japan, Turkey, Croatia and Greece, and I found that poring over itineraries to all these fascinating places enhanced my resonance with the travel frequency again, which I hadn’t noticed but had (appropriately) gone dormant as I’ve been relaxing into summer here.

It wasn’t full-on ‘TIME TO MOVE’ but it rather more like a gentle tingle, a foreshadowing of things that will speed up once the fall comes around, both about good things to come and a reminder to enjoy the good things of the present.

We’re just about a month away from the Fall Equinox, which signals the end of one of nature’s cycles and the beginning of another. I think so many of us travel in the fall – and also in the spring – because we are syncing with the rhythms and cycles of time of the Earth.

As a general life rule I think being in sync is better than out of sync, and so not coincidentally, you’ll find most – though definitely not all – of our programs happening in these seasons.

That includes the new program(s) I’m pleased to release this week – two trips for Japan this week, one in May and the other in September 2024. Both of our trips there this year filled quickly and I think you’ll find either time to be ideal for exploring Japan.

As for webinars, we’ve got ones coming up for a Costa Rica trip in December 2023 and for Tahiti, Japan, and Greece in 2024 if any of those pique your interest.

And, if you haven’t made plans yet but are thinking about travelling this winter, we’ll be doing a brief overview webinar on September 21 of our trips running between December 2023 and April 2024. Do join us should you be interested.

So, though feeling the travel pulse again was fun, putting it all down for a glass of wine to bring in the evening was also a reminder that we can’t fully appreciate moving if we never stop…and there is a full glass of August here in front of us to be enjoyed 🙂

I trust you’ll find a way to enjoy yours, and do get in touch should you have any questions or feedback.


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