Food, France, & Future Trips

Greetings from Thailand!

I’m pleased this week to release Part II of our France Kaleidoscope program, a gastronomic adventure through Lyon and Burgundy, France’s culinary heartland. Lyon is perhaps my favourite city in France, often overlooked by travellers drawn to the gravitational pull of Paris. The surrounding area is agriculturally rich and as a result you will find some of the best food and wine in the nation here – no small feat for a country as proud of its cuisine as France.

I think a key aspect of becoming well-travelled is having a nuanced appreciation for the food cultures of various countries, and I would suggest to most travellers that you usually have to travel beyond the capital cities to properly gain such an understanding. And while food is of course subject to a degree personal preference, the reputation of French cuisine is well-deserved, and deserving of further exploration.

That said, although we will go to taste the wines of Burgundy, and dine in one of France’s Michelin-star restaurants, there is a lot more than just food here to be appreciated. We’ll explore the natural beauty of Annecy in the lower French Alps, perhaps take a day trip to visit Geneva, and of course enjoy lots of free time to simply wander the charming streets and traboules – underground tunnels – of Lyon.

If you’re at all tempted by the thought of this sort of adventure, do take a look at the itinerary below, or if you prefer to watch the replay from last week’s webinar, you can do so here

Speaking of webinars, we won’t have a webinar for you in the week ahead, but the week after we’ll be presenting our Safari Land & Sea program, a unique trip combining a safari experience in South Africa with a megayacht cruise in the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

After that we’ll be looking into the future with two Trip Inspirations webinars, where we’ll look at some trip ideas for the latter half of 2022 and into 2023. There’s still a lot of uncertainty around travel right now and I think it’s important to stay inspired – and ready – for when the time is right.

I’ll be sharing some of my ideas as well as some feedback from the community about where we could go – join us to dream and banter 🙂


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